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Book: Five Lamps and Other Stories by Michele McGrath

Book: Five Lamps and Other Stories by Michele McGrath

categories: Book, Paranormal, Winged Horses, War Stories, Romance, Pensioner's Revolt, Short Stories


Michele McGrath

Author Michele McGrathabout this book: A collection of twelve short stories in a variety of genres, including historical fiction, real life, fantasy, ghost stories, true romance and relationships. One of the stories won an international award and others have also won prizes.

Five Lamps In Wartime Liverpool, Frances is returning home for her wedding, but all public transport has been stopped after an air raid. She battles through the darkened streets, hoping to find her fiancé, Jamie, waiting for her at Five Lamps, a local landmark in Waterloo. Will she make it? Jamie's ship is due in from an Atlantic convoy. Will he be there to meet her? Based on a true experience.

Cable Car A cable car appears out of the San Francisco fog and takes Jo to another time and another place.

Kilmainham Dawn International award winning very short story set in Ireland in 1916. Grace marries her sweetheart in prison on the night he before he is due to be shot for his part in the uprising.

In my Dreams it is 1944 again ... Award winning short story. Night after night, Helen dreams that she is in another time, another place. In 2013, she is an English girl with no one special in her life. In 1944 France, she is called Annette and is deeply in love with Jean-Claude. As the weeks go by, she learns more and more about Annette and the town she is living in. Helen discovers she has a task to do in France but she has no idea what it is. Eventually she travels to the little French town of St Clement, where she meets Vivienne, who recognises her immediately. But how can she? They were born decades apart in different countries. Yet Vivienne claims Helen is her friend Annette. Vivienne fills in some of the details of the last time she ever saw Annette. Helen's dreams become even more gripping as she visualises the end of the story and the truth about Jean-Claude. Can she right the injustice done to his memory? And why was she picked to do so?

Nine Yellow Roses On her twenty-first birthday, Kathleen ran away with the handsome singer. They had never met before but they stayed together for the rest of their lives. Based on a true story.

Everyday Terror ... It was just a routine day in the careers office in Liverpool, or was it? A very short story about a day when terror came to work. A true story.

The Emperor's Concubine ... Napoleon and Josephine are about to be crowned when the Pope discovers that they were not married in church. He refuses to crown Josephine who, he believes, is Napoleon's mistress not his wife. Napoleon's uncle, Cardinal Fesch, must find a solution and present it to the Imperial couple and the Pope in a manner they will all accept. Can he do so and keep the goodwill of both his masters? Will the coronation proceed as planned? Based on real events.

The Bride of Cana ... Leah, the bride of Cana, is devastated when her husband, Judah, deserts her and their son to follow Jesus. She journeys to Jerusalem to find Judah again and discovers her heart has changed.

Greater Love ... A very short story, celebrating the incredible courage of Private William McFadzean at the battle of the Somme.

Seal of Confession Susan takes revenge and Father Peter is a worthy victim.

True Blue ... Ellie meets Florrie, a bag lady who lives rough on the streets of London. Ellie buys her cups of tea and, in return, Florrie tells her wonderful stories about her travels with her deceased husband, Bill. Some of the stories are hard to believe but Ellie enjoys listening to them. They become friends. Then Florrie stops coming to the pizza place where Ellie works. A few weeks later, Ellie is called to the Headteacher's office where another friend of Florrie's is waiting for her. This friend, Mrs Donovan, has a package from Florrie for her. When Ellie opens the package, she gets a shock.

The Winged Horses of Anver: The Choosing The winged horses are native to the planet of Anver and their Riders are chosen by the yearling foals. To be a Rider is a great honour. It is Merryn's last chance to be chosen, but her family have been shamed by her father's disgrace and she cannot bear to be publicly rejected again. She refuses to attend the Choosing ceremony until Soranya, one of the Riders, comes searching for her. This is the first part of the Winged Horses series which follows Merryn and her adventures among these fabulous creatures.

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