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Book: East of Tiffany's by Marciano Guerrero

Book Reviews: East of Tiffany's by Marciano Guerrero

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Marciano Guerrero

Author Marciano Guerreroabout this book: East of Tiffany's is a collection of short stories about characters that populate the East Side of Manhattan. It portrays individuals who are successful in way or another: executives, artists, cops, bankers, industrialists--and also their pets!

When I published my first story and placed in the Web, approximately 85,000 readers flocked to the site in a couple of weeks. Seeing the enormous readership I collected all my scattered stories and self-published them. The ebook version was uploaded to and barnes and Both booksellers show over one hundred positive reviews, with only one or two negative reviews.

The appeal of the stories lies in the fact that general readers love stories in which material success is portrayed. And in all the stories, the protagonists are people who find success either material or spiritual.

The name East of Tiffany's is self-explanatory: it is about the East Side of Manhattan, which is quite different from the West Side. While West Side was made popular by the musical movie West Side Story, Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's gave a glimpsed into the lives of people in the East Side--in particular Park Avenue and Sutton Place. Several producers are interested in making two or three movies based in our stories.

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 BreathTaking Stories

"East of Tiffany's" not only reminded me why I love to read but also grabbed my attention with such inspirational stories. Mary Duff and Marciano Guerrero share such wonderful touching stories about thieir lives as well as making the reader feel as if they were there. "East of Tiffanys" provide such beautiful stories for the reader to read. One story about Pepino, the dog gives you a warming sense of love. With my love for dogs, this particular story has touched my heart. I recommend this novel to EVERYONE. [by Jennifer Crosland]


From reading one short story to finishing the entire novel. I could not put the book down, every time one was finished I went on to the next. "East of Tiffany's" consist of short stories about real people, real lives and their experiences. Mary Duff and Marciano Guerrero provide such detailed inserts that grabbed my attention. After your reading of the novel you will realize that living through love, pain and sadness doesn't mean you can't overcome it. Beautifully written, a book of short stories that will reach your heart. I highly recommend this novel to EVERYONE, it is worth the purchase. [by Shaquella Figueroa]

 Amazing book that can open your eyes to see how is life

"East of Tiffany's" is an amazing book writing by Marry Duffy and Marciano Guerrero talks about wonderful short stories that everyone can read it quick and enjoy it. I found that those short stories are easy to read. I enjoy to read East of Tiffany at a quite place so that I could understand everything. Last Friday I was reding east of Tiffany and I liked "Watching Over Blue Babies" short story. [by Ahmed Isa]

 Amazing Book

I really love the narrator's and Mary Patricia's marriage because they know how to manage every situaton. I also love Mary Patricia's words when Peter answer of being in a boat with your mom and your wife. another story that caught my attention was the one about Amy's, because even though she didn't pay her loan to Mary Patricia with money, she paid them with a gift that worth the same amount of money that they lend her. [by Sonia Estrella]

 Spectacular book

It shows how Marc and Mary's marriage looks like is collapsing, but they bring it up and don't let the love die. This book has different short stories, but what the book mainly shows is love over everything, the appreciation of someone who's there for you. If there's love you just have to put effort and everything is going to work out just fine. This is a great book for guys who want to learn the right way to treat a woman. [by Adaly Tavares]

 A Amazing Book With Wonderful Stories

"Luke, Postmodern Man" is a story I like because I learned that we may feel sad when we lose, and feel happy while we are gaining a good thing. In the end, memory brings us happiness. Because, no matter good or bad, the worst thing is that we have experienced life.

The second story I love is "Mary Patricia and I become Lifetime Sojourners", which is a story about love. Love is a part of our lives. True love lasts. Marc and Mary Patricia still love each other, becoming part of each others' life as they go together through life. [by Eileen Du]

 Love and Compromise

The first two stories I read were, "Mary Patricia and I became lifetime sojourners" and "Marriage Vows and Genesis". Stories full of love and compromise. The first one is in my opinion one of my favorite real love stories because it has two people from different worlds, music and love. "Mary Patricia and I became lifetime sojourners" begins with sound of a sonata like if it were the attachment that would unite them together forever. Then, two strangers talking like if they knew each other, without suspect this would be the beginning of a wonderful journey. Finally, the promise they would share their lives. I have to confess that my favorite part of this story was the music because even If I am not a musician, I consider myself a musical person, so I liked the way the writer made that sonata one of the main characters of the story.

"Marriage Vows and Genesis" in other hand emphasizes the importance of marriage and compromise. In the story, one of the characters highlights a part of one of the Bible books that says a married person has to leave their parents to unite to his wife to become in "one flesh". "Marriage Vows and Genesis" definitely makes me think in marriage as a society of two partners where since the day they decide to get together they become not only in husband and wife but also like in the first story, "lifetime sojourners". [by Anita Matute]

 Hugo Avila. Wonderful stories!

"East of Tiffany's" is a collection of short stories. It is a wonderful book, where each story contains a lifetime experience, and also a teaching which commits us to feel persuaded, by the simple fact of being situations that everyone could experience at any point in our lives. Loves, breakups, losses, sufferings, happiness, etc. are in every story of this book, which made me feel induced to keep reading until the end. Even though there are just short stories, it made my reading more entertaining. The language used by the author and the way to project the ideas is an amazing opportunity for readers to explore hidden feelings within their souls. "Mary Patricia and I become lifetime sojourners" is indeed a great story. From the moment they meet through their lives, it is clear that they were both meant to be together. I would say that this is my favorite story, because nowadays it is hard to see couples that last longer; many people get married but only few discover the meaning of love. People are always trying to leave aside the meaning of relationships, so it made me realize that "during the year not a single day has to pass by without us meeting and sharing moments of love" (Marciano Guerrero). [by Hugo Avila]

 interesting stories that give us lessons in life

the first story was very interesting for me because i have never known a person with such a good history when finding their partner. i mostly like the way the narrator and his wife helped a person without expecting anything in return.

i was so sad when the narrator dog died after having so much fun and good memories qith him. Pepino made his masters happy when alive and unhappy when he died.

i also read a story were the narrator's wife gave a very good advise to a couple while they were with them having dinner. Ms Mary told the couple that once they are married there is nothing more important your wife/husband and kids. i was very involve in the point she made because i am married and have a family and i see that they are more important then any friend or family. [by patricia gordillo]

 Inspiring Book

East of Tiffany's - it is life inspiration. I have learned from the authors' experiences that if we want something we can make it. I, as a business person, I've gotten influenced by his work, perseverance, and passion, which leads to definite success. He gave me the adrenaline of success and inspiring me that everything it's possible here in US. Thank Mr. Guerrero. [by Marinel Micu]

 Amazing Book

The stories portrayed in this book are fascinating, the book is divided into short stories about the lives of individuals that live in the east side of Tiffany's, the writing is clear and easy to understand and some stories also have a sense of humor so it was entertaining reading the book. [by Santiago H]

 Amazing Book

In "Alzheimer's, Love and Mercy", Marciano Guerrero draws the reader in and makes them feel the joy and compassion he felt toward Portia, his wife Mary Patricia's mother whenever she would welcome him home from work every day with hot tea and cookies. He makes people understand and experience what it feels to have a loved one sent to war and not come back. Guerrero portrays Portia's Alzheimer as the continuous mental disease it is, where one has memory loss, and this is first shown when Portia had brought him the hot tea and cookies repetitively. Everyone can feel the same pain as Portia because they all have familiarized themselves with her and warmed up to her. This short story depicts what it feels like to love and to be loved and how hard it is when a dear one is taken away.

The story "Mary Patricia and I Become Lifetime Sojourners" simply depicts the power of love and what it does to those who have come to know it, feel it, understand it and be encompassed by it. Marciano Guerrero speaks of the first time he met her, and the mesmerizing feeling that came over him when he first heard her speak. He takes the reader from the moment he asked her to marry him to moments in their lives living together. This story is the embodiment of true love. It is the kind of story that makes one questions why do people divorce. In addition, he says that he does not know what life would be without his wife, Mary Patricia. This is a story of a man who falls in love at the age of 17, gets married and till today feels blessed to have met his wife. [by Onick Bouquet]

 Amazing Book

"East of Tiffany's" is now one of my favorite books after reading it completely. To be honest, I don't do much reading, but when I started reading "East of Tiffany's" I found it very interesting and I felt like everything was happening in front of me. The author gives you many details that make you feel like you are in the story. I finished reading it in just 2 days. I really like all the stories, because they motivate me to keep moving on and fighting for my dreams. All the stories at the end have their moral lessons; they clearly show that in life there is nothing impossible and that with love and hope everything is possible. By reading this book I learned that, in life nothing is impossible, that when you really want something, you can get it if you fight for it. I recommend this short stories book to everyone, even if you don't like to read you will love it. It's very interesting, it teaches you a lot about life and you will have fun reading it. [by Franchily de la Cruz]

 Putting Your Dog to Sleep

This is a very heart touching story of a dog Pepino who suffered a stroke and his left leg got paralyzed. Marciano Guerrero who was the owner of Pepino carried him to park av. and was trying to help Pepino to lift his leg and teach him to pee like a he-dog. After some days Pepino's vet doctor tells them to put him to sleep which was really emotional and touchy.

 Great Read

I have read some of the short stories in this book and it reminds me of special people in my life. I love the first short story "Mary Patricia and I become lifetime Sojourners". It's a beautiful love story about how life brings two individuals together to help one another do great things and enjoy life. I also enjoyed reading the "Panic Attack." I found it quite interesting to hear the story from the dogs perspective. It was humorous to imagine the story as you read it. I definitely look forward to reading more of the short stories in East of Tiffany's. I recommend this you if you really want to get in the habit of reading lots of book or you like interesting life stories this is the book for you. [by Donavan B]

 What an Inspirational Book

The two most inspiring stories within East of Tiffany's just to mention a few:

• Lifetime Sojourners
One thing that inspires me about this story is that Marciano and Mary Patricia met in their teenage years and got married at their young age. They met while they were at Columbia College. The amazing part is that they are still married for lifetime, happily. Today, many people wouldn't even stand being married for a few years, especially younger people. Besides Marciano and Mary Patricia's continuous living their lives as lifetime sojourners, I have to say that this was the love at first sight and this become lasting with such a commitment. For instance, when Marciano asked to Mary Patricia "I didn't want to disturb you. What is the name of that song you played for two hours? " Mary Patricia stunningly responded "you've been here for two hours? " I think this was a moment to find each other at the right time and at the right place. After they have moved in together, I thought it was a great example that a couple thought and put their financial situation on track before moving on, which must have been very important in those days to be financially aware and set.

• Marriage Vows and Genesis
After graduating, Marciano and Mary Patricia got married and started their lives as a married couple as well they stared to interact with their married friends. This story interests me because they met a Peruvian and American couple, which interestingly I'm a Peruvian as well, so obviously I'm curious what happens when one Peruvian gets married in a different culture. Are there any cultural barriers? In fact there are many, so I was stunned with the discussion that had to do with life saving of the loved one. Peter, the American husband, preferred to save his mother if a boat was sinking instead of his wife Marcella who is Peruvian. I can't imagine how infuriating this may have been for Marcella because in Peru Marrying a woman means that the wife has to come first always, no matter what. Because Peter perhaps was not fully aware about Peruvian marriage, he picked his mother instead of his wife to save for whatever reasons he had connection with his mother. However, Mary Patricia used the words of God to calm them down and made Peter realize that marriage is a commitment and an obligation to care about each other no matter what happens. I have to agree with Mary Patricia when she said on behalf of God's words "a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh." I believe one way to make life healthy and fruitful whether one is married or not is fallowing the God's guidance. Thus, I really enjoyed reading and learned some good lessons about life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. [by WSavina]

 I Learned Many Things From This Book

This book includes a lot of interesting short stories about many topics, such as life, love and success. The writing was clear and fascinating, so I read this book at one sitting even though I'm a little impatient. Also, I could learn something from each story, and it gave me some opportunity to think about my life. You can learn about New York City's life as well. I'm really glad that I discovered "East of Tiffany's." I recommend this book to everyone who wants to get some chance to learn and think about life. This book will definitely help you to improve yourself. [by Toshi]

 A Great Book

"East of Tiffany's" is a book of short stories based on real-life perspectives and experiences that the authors and a few of their acquaintances went through. From the moment I started reading it I could not put it down. It was humorous, heart-breaking, mysterious, and overall interesting. The book can encourage one to keep moving forward when life makes some downward turns. It is a great book and I recommend it for everyone. [by Abayomi Ogbuji]

 This Book is Amazing

The story contained in "East of Tiffany" is so beautiful, amazing, and epic once you start reading it, you will have a hard time putting it down until you've completely finished the book. Stories that touched me the most are about Mr. Guerrero's dog, Pepino and his mother-in-law, Portia who suffered Alzheimer syndrome. This is a highly recommended book. [by Wayan Widhiantara]


"EAST OF TIFFANY'S" by Marry Duffy and Marciano Guerrero is a book that means so much more than just some story or book. As I flipped each page, the author's emotions are clearly depicted and gives you a sense of feeling as if you were right there experiencing the moments of the author's life experiences.

One story in the book that really touched me was "The Joy of Sin and Divorce". That certain story was very meaningful to me because I have gone through similar experiences. But overall what really struck me, was the singing canary bird called Sin in the story. The symbolic meaning of the bird according to author Marciano Guerrero is something I strongly agree with. It was more than just a pet bird, it was a divine creature created by God. And the irony of this certain story is simply mind boggling, and yet it makes you want to understand a theory beyond science.

This is an extremely inspirational book with powerful aspects of life experiences, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading a book that will leave a statement in your mind and soul forever. [by Amir Bashar]

 Great Short Story

I have never been a person who enjoys reading books. I don't usually pick up a book and read it from beginning to end except for East of Tiffany's. As I read the book I became very interested in the stories Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero shared. The stories are warm-heartfelt and humorous. I found myself sad and then a few short stories later laughing. It's a good read and I recommend this book to everyone. [by wendyp]

 Amazing Book

I enjoyed reading "East of Tiffany's", because Mary Duffy and Marciano Guerrero write the stories with a sense of humor and sincerity. I particularly liked the first story about how he meet his wife and life-parner. It's an amazing book and is a big lesson in my life. Thank you for sharing all these stories. [by Olga Garcia]

 A Great Book

"East of Tiffany's" made me feel great; especially the story about the author's dog: Pepino. Pepino is the mirror of a dog I had long time ago. It was amazing to read these kind of stories in the book. [by Salomon Sanchez]

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