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Book: Awakening Kings and Princes Volume I by John Shelton Jones

Book: Awakening Kings and Princes Volume I by John Shelton Jones

categories: Book, Psychology, Christian Living, Nonficition, Self-Help, Philosophy, Aesthetic, Theology, Sexual Health, Marriage and Relationship, Gnosticism, Sexuality

John Shelton Jones

Author John Shelton Jonesabout this book: Sacred Knowledge to Nourish the Mentality, Support Spiritual Growth, Learning the Light, and Progressing to Become a Master Lover While Embracing Desire.

Awakening Kings and Princes (AWKP) Volume 1 is on empirical realism, understanding of theology and ontological of primitive behavior. The highlighted concepts of psychology, aesthetic philosophy, and prudential to converse the negativity of opinions towards contemptuous degradation, unveiling sexual acts that may seem taboo to individuals and giving enlightenment of sensible love within domestic discipline and uncompromising sexual shades of BDSM, thrusting, embracing of novelties, aggression and aesthetic beauty of the unorthodox of the world's views with a naturalistic view and prudential view.

My eyes begin to open in a intellectual strength and noetic thinking of how the world today has constructed the minds of many adults and adolescents on what's appropriate or of approval, however, as an observational learner and vigorous studies of theology, positive psychology, social science with usage of the empirical reality, textbooks, journal documentations and biblical exegesis. I felt I owe it to the world to share publicly my research and empowered ideologies, the ontological inquisition of notions and deeper study of what's consider idiom or misunderstood.

Awakening Kings and Princes Volume 1 will be more appealing to readers that's more interested in nonfiction, non-narrative and uncompromising truth of primitive behavior, aesthetic philosophy of sexuality and entrancement, the understanding of theology with different narrative to what's been taught. Individuals that seek understanding of the changes with the Bible with illustrated correctives. Individuals that look for ideological and practice of how to implement Eros Domestic Discipline and more enlightenment between sadism and masochism, between master and submissive or slave, between many other related emphasis. Individuals that's looking for the clarity of true biblical marriage and the understanding the possible repercussions.

Over a seventeen month period of writing this book. The unveiled truth to this title is the very core of scripture, of all whom follow Christ and those that find there way, that Christ gave a testament, mankind is ordained royal when they've accepted him as Savior and the Father as the God above all(Revelation 1v5-6).

I designed this cover as a reflection of my book; the reflections of love, sexuality unfolding, individualism and strength of walking alone when many individuals are against you, and fidelity and prudence from the Bible.

The most challenging part of writing the book is making myself take a break to modulate my thoughts and withdrawing my biased opinions often, another challenge was making myself stop writing so I wouldn't end up with 700+ pages.

During my research, became a little shocked on the common novels (fantasies), the dissensions of individuals that didn't accept certain intimate acts and portions, and those that do. During research to distinguish the treasures woman that God supports for the man with gathering of information distinguishing the wanton, feminist, and treasures woman, I've unraveled strong oppositions and truths that gives better guidance and unveiled difference between woman's empowerment and feminist empowerment; which consist of choosing the prudential or the regret.

Fellow readers, if you like the intellectually challenged books, the strong doctrine of theology of new levels, the understanding of God's Word supporting equity, grounding-breaking social construction to become sensible, learning intimate practices and implement them, illustrated writing on thrusting and sexual acts with film run-time to visual support what's being informed and instructed then this book is for you.

Sincerely, John S. Jones

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