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Book: The Sex Bucket List - Adult Activity Book by Michael Lucente

Book: The Sex Bucket List - Adult Activity Book by Michael Lucente

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Michael Lucente

Author Michael Lucenteabout this book: At first glace, The Sex Bucket List comes off as a book about just having sex. But after you open it up, take in the funny images and share a few laughs with your lover, you'll see that The Sex Bucket List is not just about "Getting Busy" it's about spending more time with one another... and having sex, of course. Many of the Sextivities within The Sex Bucket List can be completed in the comfort of your home, while many others require the two of you to get out in the world and do something together! The Sex Bucket List also has a page for you and your lover to personalize, your very own happy face stamper, and over 600 Sextivities to stamp off before the two of you "kick the bucket! "

My loving, wonderful, caring, beautiful girl friend is without a doubt the number one influence in putting The Sex Bucket List together. But, there were some other people who helped make it a book for all to enjoy... In the later months of 2009 I was putting together my goals for 2010. Amongst those goals I also put together a list of 100 scenarios for my girlfriend and I to "Get Busy" at/during/while/on etc. Well I printed it on an Excel spreadsheet, hung it on the fridge and called it "The 2010 Sex Bucket List." Well being on the fridge, where food and beer is kept, friends would come over, see it hanging there, and they all got a kick out of it! As the months went on, some kept track of what we were stamping off of it with our happy face stamper! Soon friends were asking me to print them off a copy. Well, one day we invited my mother over for dinner... Completely forgot that it was hanging on the fridge. Lisa and I were in the living room while my mom was doing some prep work for dinner in the kitchen. Then out of no where, you hear my mom yell, "Oh my God! Where did you get The Sex Bucket List.... I WANT ONE! ! !" And that was the push that took it from a fun thing for Lisa and I to enjoy, to something that many around the world are now enjoying! ; )

Couples are the main enjoyers of The Sex Bucket List. Although singles are enjoying it too and as far as age group go… well... Everyone and anyone over the age of 18 are enjoying it! I'm talking high school sweethearts, to a 72 year old woman and her 76 year old husband out of Long Lake WI.

The cover of The Sex Bucket List is similar that of a coloring book. I wanted to keep with the theme of an Activity Book, which I think, the bright colors and fun tasteful images really keep the book looking cute and nonthreatening.

The difficulty in writing The Sex Bucket List was trying to keep it clean, tasteful, and realistic. It's easy to throw a ton of dirty fantasies together, mixed in with some graphic images, and colorful langue. But I wanted more than that for The Sex Bucket List. I didn't want couples to see in and think, "Oh God, if the kids found this we'd be dealing with nightmares for months!" I also didn't want people to open in up as think "There is no way in hell we would ever have sex there!" The Sextivities within The Sex Bucket List do range from "easy" to "that's gonna take some work," but there is nothing within The Sex Bucket List that would be entirely out of reach for most.

I've learned many, many things about me, my girlfriend, as well as men and women in general since putting The Sex Bucket List together. I can say that the most shocking, and at the same time upsetting, thing that I have learned since putting The Sex Bucket List together is that... well... most men out there underestimate there woman's desire to "Get Busy." This is what I mean. Any event that I've promoted The Sex Bucket List at, 90% of the men say this, "If I brought this home to the wife/girlfriend she would freak out! " While 100% of women, that are not single, say "I'm getting this for my husband/boyfriend! " Every time without fail!

To everyone out there in a relationship, whether the sparks are flying or the flame is fading out, The Sex Bucket List will help add some spice to your love life! You are not picking up a book to read from cover to cover about my sex life. You are picking up an activity book for you and your lover to write together!

Get Busy, Getting Busy!

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