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Book: Open To Bliss - Sage Hope's 1st Gift to Humanity - The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction by Omid Mankoo

Book: Open To Bliss - Sage Hope's 1st Gift to Humanity - The Definitive & Complete Solution Manual to Sexual Attraction & Addiction by Omid Mankoo

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Omid Mankoo

about this book: This book presents the solution to sexual addiction and sexual attraction. What inspired me to look into the causes and solutions to sexual attraction and fixation/addiction was that I was puzzled as to how one minute I was so intensely interested in a woman and the next minute it made no difference to me, meaning it had not even a smidgen of an impact on my mind when a state of arousal is passed.

The readers of the book are:

SINGLES - because it demystifies sexuality, putting people at ease, thereby they can interact with ease with the partner of their choice without having topic of sexuality come up in a negative way and ruin the trust between the two. Another factor is the single person's life that is side tracked and put on hold, while he or she is busy with the illusions presented to them. Thus the single person who decides to read, understand, investigate to validate the truths spoken of in the book, and next to apply them onto their own lives, and practice them till perfection will free their lives of this formidable obstacle, allowing the person to again pursue their life's ambitions in whatever field their interest is held.

COUPLES - because it helps them overcome sexual lust and thereby not have a roaming eye. Furthermore the book shows them by way of explanation how the intimacy on all levels emotional mental sexual spiritual etc. is enhanced by the diminishing of lust for other partners. In addition, if one partner has the problem, the other can help them overcome their lust by reading and studying together the martial in the book and having discussions back and forth on the various insights presented, which guide the individual to gradually see the truth and get away from the illusions being sought after.

PARENTS - Just as parents prepare children to cross the street, and warn them about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, similarly the parent ought to prepare the child who is going to go to school about the manipulation from peers, and the manipulation and misinformation presenting the form of various sexual presentations. The intelligent parent having read the material will understand that preparation of a young child's mind is most necessary in this day and age, because of the easy access of pornographic material via the internet, and other sources, including their own school aged children who have already been exposed.

I had to figure a way to name the book in such a way that people could buy it without feeling that they are being labeled as a sex addict. Thus I named the book after the state one reaches after the solution is applied, rather than naming it after the problem. Thus, since a person's consciousness is freed from the chaos and turmoil of sexual addiction, I named it after the peace of mind that follows. I essentially summarised the whole concept in the book of applying the solution into a few words: "Open to Bliss"

Here is the explanation:
The whole concept in the book is that the mind is captured by infinite number of contrasts, also known as dualities. Thus the book examines those contrasts and shows them to be non-contrasting and therefore the mind is freed, because the mind is no longer impressed by the sameness that out sees. That is why the infinity symbol in the front is opened up to become a circle. OPEN, meaning unravel or demystify and see the infinite contrasts as being just one thing. then the mind is at peace. it is in this state of peace that an individual can hope to experience bliss. Depending on how deeply he has released his mind, and how deeply he chooses, allows or facilitates this state of peace to be experienced by him is what allows the experience of bliss to be felt. The colours on the front cover also represent the contrasts available in nature.

The most engaging part of writing the book was not the writing but rather the in-depth examination of a situation which I had to put into words. the writing was not hard, but the experience of examining what was going on in my consciousness as I was in the state of arousal, and or attraction was very engaging. I had to be Super focused, go into a quiet area immediately and notice my observations within and without myself, identifying, and examining causes, reactions and effects of thoughts, emotions, imagination, my own physical body, etc.

I leaned how to overcome strong sexual fixations. I was intensely fixated. AND IF I CAN OVERCOME IT, ANYONE CAN.

What I would like to say to the readers is:

1. First understand that I have written the solution to sexual addiction in such elementary detail that you can easily underestimate the knowledge that I am presenting. This is so, because I am presenting the information bit by bit in digestible bites. Imagine a rocket scientist, if he were to describe bits of the rocket it would not seem that impressive to you, but as a whole it got to the moon and beyond. SO do not underestimate the bits of data presented.

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