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Book: The Badass Girl's Guide - Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators by CJ Scarlet

Book: The Badass Girl's Guide - Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators by CJ Scarlet

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CJ Scarlet

Author CJ Scarletabout this book: The #MeToo movement is encouraging more and more women to share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault. It's a powerful tipping point that's shifting the power dynamic between victims and perpetrators. But while this movement gives voice to the victims of harassment and assault, it doesn't address ways people can avoid becoming victims in the first place. THAT is the goal of The Badass Girl's Guide: Uncommon Strategies to Outwit Predators—to teach women and girls how to claim their power to protect and defend themselves from victimization.

The Badass Girl's Guide teaches women and girls how to own their power and live safer, more confident lives. The book covers everything from how predators select and groom their victims, to how to out-think, out-talk and out-fight them using your body's natural weapons.

An alarming number of women and girls, even those who've never been assaulted, state that they feel a general sense of self-loathing and shame. And for those who have been victimized, add self-blame to that toxic mix.

As a result, we give away our power to others and allow them to dictate our lives. Yes, we do. Every time we let someone lead us into a decision we're not comfortable with, or allow them to violate our boundaries, we're relinquishing our power.

These feelings are at the heart of why we remain so vulnerable to predators, and this mentality sets us up for victimization. And more than that, this self-defeating mindset serves to deny us the joy of self-love and self-esteem that are essential to living a happy, healthy life.

It's time to reject the negative messages bombarding us in the media and society, to be gentle with ourselves, to embrace our perfectly imperfect selves, and claim our power. We must take ownership of and responsibility for our own lives, every single second of them, understanding that we're the only ones who have our best interest in mind at all times.


I was 19, a freshman in college, when I was raped by a sheriff's deputy I had just started dating. In 1980 there was no word for date rape, so I blamed myself for "tempting him" by entering his apartment. Then, four months later, I was sexually assaulted by my Marine Corps recruiter, who took advantage of his position of power and authority over me.

For a decade I grappled with the trauma of these events until my world fell apart and the memories came rushing in and I got professional help for my PTSD. Over time, I came to love and forgive myself and even my assailants, but the real turning point for me came when I grew tired of the trauma owning my life.

I took my power back and became an advocate for others who had been victimized. I served on the board of the local rape crisis center and took the helm as Executive Director of a child advocacy center, both while working to complete my master's degree in human violence. I then served for three years as Director of Victims Issues for the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.

Yet, after nearly three decades as a victim advocate, I grew tired of dealing with crime and violence after they occurred. I knew that if things continued as they were, the work would never end. I realized that to create genuine change, I needed to address the source of the problem. So, I chose to focus my efforts on thwarting predators and keeping people from being victimized at all.

From the first page to the last, The Badass Girl's Guide is important to your safety and possibly your very life, and I hope you'll read every word. Please share this book with everyone you care about. You can never tell when one piece of wisdom found within will be exactly what you or your loved one needs to escape a dangerous situation.

You ARE worth fighting for!

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