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Book: Killer I Am by R. Howard Trembly

Book: Killer I Am by R. Howard Trembly

categories: Book, Rape, Lawmen, Murder, Victim, Justice, Marshal, Gunfight, Bounty Hunter, Old West, Mysterie, Adventure, Serial Killer


R. Howard Trembly

Author R. Howard Tremblyabout this book: Killer I Am is a story about a crazed serial killer in the 1880's. To say this man is evil is an understatement. He kills with impunity, leaving small towns in fear that he will strike again. And he does! Mostly young innocent girls, but sometimes when the mood comes over him, he will, and does, kill others at random.

Drawn into this battle of evil are two lawmen--Justin Page, a bounty hunter turned United States Marshal, the other, Jesse Black, a minister that after losing his own family to an outlaw gang, devotes himself to bringing justice for those that can't help themselves. The two lawmen start on the trail of this vile assassin from across the country from each other and must team up somewhere on the trail of the merciless murderer, but also save other victims along the way.

As the story unfolds you will be drawn into the fight for survival as well as an understanding of the mind of a killer. You won't be bored.

As you look into the mind of a serial killer, you'll find a common denominator. They can't stop killing! Some have tried, but all have failed. And many innocents have died because of the killers' inability to control their lethal desires.

Killer I Am is about one of these serial predators that lived in a time when men carried guns openly and knew how to use them to defend themselves and their families, not to mention others too weak or unable to defend themselves.

That a mass murderer is able to go on killing in a time when justice was swift and there were no appeals, is a testament to the cunning of these monsters of destruction of innocent life.

The lack of intelligence is not a factor in who is a serial murderer, as most of these fiends have a normal or often higher intelligence than the average person. What makes them do what they do is a question not yet fully answered, if it ever will be.

Author's note on how Killer I Am came into being.

I was watching a documentary on the infamous Ted Bundy who was, in the 70's, a serial killer. I remembered Ted Bundy from the time we went to school together in the Seattle-Tacoma area and was, in fact, fingerprinted along with the other boys in our school because a female classmate was murdered on her way home from band practice.

Bundy had moved away several weeks earlier so he was not even questioned by the authorities, let alone fingerprinted. If he had been, others might have lived. As I watched the documentary play out, it occurred to me that monsters like Bundy were not just a modern day phenomenon but had to have existed since humans first appeared on earth. When beings first started traveling about the face of the land, some of them must have killed for the sheer joy of killing. Communications were non-existent back then, so news of a killing was seldom able to catch up with the killer. It gave them unlimited opportunities to murder at will, and they did so, only stopping when they were caught in the act and they themselves killed--or just plain died or became incapacitated from natural causes.

Killer I Am is the result of that thinking.

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