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Book: 2012 Ego Revelations (Ego Revelations 2012 series) by Chris Haletsky

Book: 2012 Ego Revelations (Ego Revelations 2012 series) by Chris Haletsky

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Chris Haletsky

Author Chris Haletskyabout this book: The following discussion relates to concepts and ideas contained in my Book 2012 Ego Revelations, which is written to enhance and support any Self Improvement efforts, programs or beliefs you may be involved with. We have a dedicated book website at with further information regarding the book, more about me, book Reviews and the ongoing Series following 2012 Ego Revelations.

• A little History

Throughout your recorded past, the Ego has been referred to in many ways and always to my knowledge as a low vibration, negative, detrimental and disempowering human attribute. More recently, the name Ego has become a mainstream generic term which is why the term Ego is being used in this and other writings.

The Ego is typically interpreted as the negative or evil dark side of the human personality. Conceptually, it is still seen as lower more limiting Human traits and always in contrast to higher and more Spiritual and unlimited non-physical virtues.

More recently, the Ego has been given names such as the Lower Self as a contrast to the Higher Self. Others have named it The Lower Personality to contrast the Divine Personality, and several others which consistently refer hierarchically to an Upper/Positive and Lower/Negative personality. Regardless of the names the Ego typically refers to our slow vibrational lower visible and tangible experience and not our higher vibrational greater invisible non-tangible existence.

The Ego has developed through 1000s of years a very insecure and fearful attitude. It also does have the potential of a secure and positive attitude which has rarely been directly addressed or acknowledged ... even by the Ego itself. The Ego is a highly sophisticated binary personality that has evolved to operate strictly in 3-dimensions. These dimensions are actually our catalytic world of Duality and Time Track where everything has its opposites. Some of the more 'extreme' opposites in Duality are right and wrong, good and bad, love and hate, happy and unhappy, beautiful and ugly, war and peace, can and can't. There are endless opposite polarities which establish the interactive and catalytic parameters which then determine the limits of our 3-dimensional experiences.

So, these are the basics of the Ego's Realm and its role of influencing our Perception, which does determine the vibrational nature and quality of our life experience in the tangible and visible world of appearances. The truth is, while in Duality we cannot function without the Ego.

• You Are Not Your Ego

Consider, as the Human Race we have been told most of our lives, we potentially can be powerful, but we already are! So, what is trying to hold us back? At times it may feel like going against the flow, or being pulled down by gravity. But, those examples and others are actually the sensations of the Ego influencing Perception as it tries to keep us down into the world of the visible and tangible. This shift into a lower Perception reminds one in seemingly very real ways that life can be a difficult and drama filled path. The sad thing is, the visible and tangible is far more convincing and readily confirmed, and hence the profound importance of acknowledging the powerful influence of one's Perception.

Why is it, for most of our lives, it seems we really have limited power to intentionally determine our own life experience towards what we truly desire? Ego only functions inside the limitations of the realm of duality and it's opposite polarities. The Ego is an expert in this realm and imposes a powerful influence with its ability to direct our Perception toward the visible and away from the invisible, hence our slower vibrational life experience in the limited 3D duality of opposites.

What you are reading in this is based on the premise that up until now, our Ego has been functioning primarily for its own sake rather than ours. Since all animated things in the Creation must have opposite polarities, there must also be a positive Ego polarity, which means the potential to function for our sake. This central key concept I am purposing to you is, if you use an effective approach you can quite quickly convert your Ego to willingly cooperate and collaborate with you. Then the Ego will begin functioning on your behalf for the very first time.

Ego is the one who wants immediate gratification, not spirit which being outside of time does not recognize the need for patience at all. Ego is also the one who makes choices based on what's in it for the Ego. Appealing to these two attributes of the Ego strongly motivates it to begin behaving in cooperative and collaborative ways.

Since the Ego does strongly influence our Perception, this Key concept regarding what seems simplistic, becomes very profound when realizing simple shifts in Perception can immediately undermine or help our efforts for a better life. These are the central issues with Ego and Perception and when looking at our ancient to present behavioral history is quite obvious who and what has been setting the basis and actual quality of our day to day lives. This has been done by the Ego influencing our Perception in stealth mode, leaving the "Fox in charge of the Hen House."

It does make good sense to work with the Ego to influence our Perception more to our own favor, rather than what it has been doing for so long. Take a look around and what do you see? Would you like to change it so your experience better serves you and others in your Life?

We are all now approaching a new higher vibrational cycle or Age, which is very GOOD NEWS! During this transition, which we are already in for some years now, we have the opportunity to make the ultimate Choice!

Do we choose to keep repeating the low vibrational dynamic of giving our creative power and abilities over to a manipulation of our Perception? Or, have we finally learned and matured enough to claim and use our powerful abilities? If so, we must shift our Perception toward creating a New World more toward what we actually have always wanted … Love, Peace, Health, Abundance and Happiness for All!

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