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Book: Stellar Bliss One - A Journey Of The Dreamers by Jedaiah Ramnarine

Book: Stellar Bliss One - A Journey Of The Dreamers by Jedaiah Ramnarine

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Romance, Metaphysical, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Illustrations, Graphic Novelj, Art, Interracial, Love, Space, SciFi Romance


Jedaiah Ramnarine

about this book: What Readers Say About Stellar Bliss One:

• "A brilliant mind creates brilliant work"
• "It's hard to believe someone can have an imagination as creative as this."
• " I picked this up and finished on day one. This is easily the best book I've seen out of the author. By far."
• "From the moment the two main characters, named J and C, meet, you can sense the chemistry between them bubbling beneath the surface, just waiting to be brought out."
• "The author engages his readers with a sharp, fluid and powerful writing."

So, Just What The Heck Is Stellar Bliss One?

Get ready for a journey beyond your dreams and beyond all that you think you really know. Set in a forbidden world where all is not where it seems and where the truth is confidential, a brave, daring drifter named J decides to grow a pair and walk out of his all-too-perfect town of Quietville until he runs into a telepathic girl named C. That's where things spiral out of control; as they face hidden dangers on every corner, lurking and waiting for them all because they too close to the behind-the-scenes cover up.

An All Exclusive Interview From Readbooksonline
With Jedaiah Ramnarine and Klimbimsel, Author and Illustrator – the team that made Stellar Bliss One: A Journey Of The Dreamers a reality.

Q = Question
JR = Jedaiah Ramnarine
KB = Klimbimsel

• Q: Okay, so where did you get the wild idea for this one?
JR: Well, let's see. It started about almost six years ago when some strange things where happening when I made my first written work, Praetor. Ever since then, it was a bit perplexing to deal with the emotions and feeling associated with the events surrounding that time. This book's more or less, a release and a blueprint for a brighter future after a disappointed past.

• Q: What was your favorite part of the project?
JR: Klim. (laughs) No really, I unexpectedly learned a lot from working with her. After Nyxe's success, I learned a lot personally about the market, the business and the reality of the entertainment industry. The original title I had for SBO was something I thought sounded cool because of scientific reasons, then she was like, 'This title sucks' and I was like 'But…' Then I thought about her from point of view and it made sense. Just stuff like that. Plus the work with the 3D rendering and the fact that we used virtual green-screens? It was a like working on a movie set! That was extremely inspiring to write.

• Q: What can we expect to see from Stellar Bliss One?
JR: Action, Romance, Mystery, Color, Adventure, Science, Love – oh boy, let's just say the whole nine yards. SBO wasn't tailored from escaping into fantasy land, it was made from real emotions, real feelings and inspired by very, real people. You can call it a reality-fiction if you want. I just wanted to hone that dreamy, adventurous feeling that life should be about. I literally get blissful feelings from reading SBO and I want to share that with the world. Something that makes you 'feel' awesome.

• Q: Who was your favorite character in the story and why?
KB: My favorite character is Betty, just because she is so incredibly cute. I would like to have a house Robot like this :)
JR: Have to go with Betty as well

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