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Book: Alternative Relativity by Yosef Albric

Book: Alternative Relativity by Yosef Albric

categories: Book, Relativity, Einstein, Spirituality, Dark Matter, Metaphysics, Science


Yosef Albric

Author Yosef Albricabout this book: Ninety percent of the Universe is missing. Scientists know that it is there because it must be for the Universe to exist, but they cannot find it and have no concept of what the missing bits are like.

Science has been described as a bicycle wheel without a rim. Lots of spokes flopping around but going nowhere. Science is fragmented with little cross fertilisation.

Alternative Relativity takes seemingly unrelated scientific theories and ties them together in a way that gives understanding to the question of the missing bits of the Universe. It may sound heavy but it is not. You will not need a scientific background to understand Alternative Relativity.

Relativity was formulated by Einstein on several premise including that light in a vacuum has the same speed for all frames of reference. This relied on there being no such thing as 'The Ether' the universe was supposed to have swam in and that time was real. Modern science does not seem to connect 'The Ether' with 'Dark Matter', the name given to the missing ninety percent of the Universe.

Time is a unit of measurement that tells us how many time the earth rotate between events. It is no more real than miles per hour. Also in Einstein's day nothing could move faster than light. That concept is becoming increasingly doubtful.

If we reverse Einstein's premises everything changes. To be fair to Einstein, based on the knowledge of the day his premises were perfectly reasonable.

The result is that although science accepts that most of the universe is missing it insists that the missing bit is one entity (Dark Matter) and one force (Dark Energy).

There is no evidence to support this. The question of what is out there (or in there) is completely open. There is no reason why Heaven and Hell, the Spiritual Realms or any other Metaphysical concept is any less likely than Dark Matter.

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