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Book: Renegade World - Book I by GD Patten

Book: Renegade World - Book I by GD Patten

categories: Book, Aliens, Genetic Engineering, Alternative History, Time Travel, Artificial Intelligence, Coming of Age, Science Fiction


GD Patten

about this book: I, G.D. Patten, am addicted to science fiction and alternative history. The inspiration for Renegade World was Eric Flint's book, 1812: The Rivers of War, and his sequel, 1824: The Arkansas War. Flint's alternate history diverges from actual history during the War of 1812. If you haven't read these books yet, I encourage you to read them.

Renegade World was five years in the making, going through too many rewrites to recall. The story is told from diverse perspectives. Naami, a young renegade visionary, and her friend Kamau, both from the late 21st century, tell the story from their perspectives. Mohkave, a 16th century adolescent, tells the story from his perspective. The aliens Avram and Lilith add their perspectives.

Naami leads a small group from the late 21st century back in time to the beginning of the 16th century to change history.

Mohkave, the third son of a respected chief, knows he is a disappointment to his father. On the brink of manhood, he desperately seeks a vision.

Perhaps neither of them really controls their own destiny while aliens secretly meddle in human affairs. The aliens Avram and Lilith have been at odds with each other for millennia. Avram is the better shapeshifter, but Lilith has the power to hypnotize humans.

As a reader, I don't like to be told everything about the characters in a book when the author first introduces them. To me, that's not "real". My readers will continue to learn more about the characters through their interactions with other characters and the perceptions of those characters. As in real life, not everyone has the same perception.

As a reader I like to figure out what is happening rather than being led detail by detail. I like enough description to feed my imagination, but not so much that it crimps my imagination. I have written Renegade World for readers like myself. I actually hope each reader has a different perception. To me, that's the big difference between a book and a movie. A movie, by necessity, has the director's rigid perception.

One of the first reviews I got contained the comment, '"Dances With Wolves" Native American warriors meets "Avatar" superhuman species.' I would have never made that analogy, but after thinking about it, I understood. I hope many other reader surprise me.

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