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Book: Myrrh by K. Griffiths

Book: Myrrh by K. Griffiths

categories: Book, Fantasy, Christian, Eschaton, Philosophy, Experimental, Science Fiction

K. Griffiths

about this book: What is fate? What is free will? When do they intersect, if at all? Are mermaids kosher (sorry, I meant 'halal')? The only reason why the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have time to consider any of this, given their tight schedule (butcheries, a press conference, assassinations, plagues, sitting for a portrait by Salvador Dali, wars, what have you) is because we and they live in an ever-expanding multiverse. If they don't have time to ruminate, there is always another reality they can Travel to where their schedule is not so pressing. While if they can't find you here to dispatch, there are endless copies of you elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Horsemen's and our time is up. All their times, and ours, in fact. When St. John viewed the apostolic road show on the island of Patmos in 90 C.E. (A.D.), Pestilence (often he's known as Petey) tells us in their novel MYRRH, he saw a compressed version. The Last Days have actually played out, buried in human history, over two millennia. Petey thinks that Heaven may not have wanted to spoil the surprise factor. After all, what happens when the Remorseful Day arrives? Fate will demolish free will for the first time since the era of the ancient Greeks. Someone might object. But one day War and Famine - you may call them Willie and Frank - are out and about on the roof of all the worlds, a blasted, ruined place without even a full sky, and they find a massive crack in the ground. It lengthens by the hour. Is this the earthquake predicted upon the opening of the Sixth Seal? No one will answer the Horsemen's questions. They have few informants to quiz since anyone who spends any time with the 'brothers' tends to wind up dead. Heaven refuses to acknowledge them - same old same old - and their ambassadors from Hell are each more tight-lipped than the last. Furious that they have been left out of the loop, Death (Dave, if you prefer) says the magic words: "Why does it all have to end/ the way the Bible says it will?" Petey's weakness for human females, Frank's long-unfinished 'masterpiece' and that press conference all be damned - literally - they will have their say. There will be no End Times. It'll be much worse than that.

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