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Book: One Man - No Plan, K'Barthan Series - Part 3 by M T McGuire

Book: One Man - No Plan, K'Barthan Series - Part 3 by M T McGuire

categories: Book, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Humour, Young Adult, Teens, Parallel Worlds, Comedy, Fantasy Adventure, Science Fiction


M T McGuire

Author M T McGuireabout this book: This book is the third in the K'Barthan Series (formerly known as the K'Barthan Trilogy... until I realised that the last book was really two books... and it had to become something else).

There is little to put here, that I haven't already said when I was writing up books 1 and 2 for this site. I could cite the 1960s sci-fi influences, the comic books, the music, but I've said it before. Briefly then:

When I sat down to write these books, I didn't think about what would sell or whether anything was a bit too left field. Neither did I think about giving people simple names like Bob or Fred. I just wrote what was happening in my head.

If I want to be published by anyone other than myself then, someday, I know, I must write a commercially viable, pukka, publishable novel about, oh I don't know, sparkly vampires or something.

But this is not it.

The K'Barthan Series is written for me. If anyone else likes it, too, that's grand.

In this instalment, there is less action. If the phoenix is to rise from the ashes he must be comprehensively char-grilled first. We find our hero at his lowest ebb. Thrown over by the love of his life for his nemesis, Lord Vernon, The Pan of Hamgee is pardoned for all misdemeanours, released, given a business to run and a year to adjust to legal existence. But it isn't that simple in five days he knows K'Barth will be destroyed and alone and friendless, The Pan must try to avert disaster.

Finally he understands who he is and steps up to meet his fate.

Like the two before it, this work has been compared to Rankin, Fforde, Adams, Pratchett, Holt and Red Dwarf.



• "All in all a great third book... that leaves me waiting eagerly for the next instalment, which is all set up to be a cracker. And speaking of crackers, Humbert shows some real sparkle: I love that parrot." — David Staniforth, on Goodreads.

• "I won't be the only one hardly daring to breathe till we find out what happens in Book 4." — Ignite Amazon top 500 reviewer, on Amazon.

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