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Book: The Luck Particle by Justin K. Hayward

Book: The Luck Particle by Justin K. Hayward

categories: Book, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Cern, Large Hadron Collider, God Particle, Higgs Boson, Physics, Mystery, Science Fiction

Justin K. Hayward

Author Justin K. Haywardabout this book: The story of The Luck Particle came to me about six years ago. I was watching with interest the developing story around the Large Hadron Collider's construction in Switzerland. I'd read an article about some of the delays and issues that it had faced. Obviously, there was a fair amount of controversy around its goal and the amount of money that was being spent on it.

Over a period of some months, I toyed with some kind of adventure thriller based around the facility, but then got really busy with my day job so it got shelved for a while.

About a year later, I was on a business trip and taking some time out in the pool. At that time, the LHC had suffered more setbacks, and I couldn't help think that it would make an excellent conspiracy theory. A scientific community looking to establish the events around the birth of the universe by identifying a God particle? There would obviously be some resistance to that from several communities around the world.

A thought then struck me. Many scientific experiments often find something other than what they were originally intended to discover. What if, instead of identifying the God particle, scientists stumbled on something completely different? Something that had been forgotten about long ago but which would have equally, if not more, impact on society and power?

And that's when the title popped into my head. I loved it from the word go!

The research began. The thing I love about this book is that it's grounded in reality and some of the most bizarre things that occur are actually based on true events. The science is, as far as I have been able, accurate (but hopefully not too science-y for the casual reader). I'm a layman, so I hope I've tried to express it in a way most people can understand as well.

I tried to create the characters with humour and conversations grounded in real life, using real language. There's a lot of action and some of the characters get into some pretty serious scrapes, with real-life consequences suffered. But then, there's also an element of fantasy. But it's fantasy again grounded in physical, human abilities, perhaps heightened for the purposes of the book.

Writing is definitely a journey. It's amazing to be able to sit down in front of a screen, let the words pour out and feel that you've been able to travel the world (and beyond). I really enjoyed writing this book most of the time, and I hope that comes across when reading it.

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