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Book: Green - The Awakening by S.M. Huggins

Book: Green - The Awakening by S.M. Huggins

categories: Book, Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Winge-Beings, Mystical Realms, Free Will, Light Force, Dark Force, Sirens, Mystical Beings, Alien Life Forms, Science Fiction


S.M. Huggins

Author S.M. Hugginsabout this book: The Green series was inspired by a recurring dream. This story played in my mind when I slept. It danced in my thoughts when I was awake. Simply, I had to write it. The series title, Green, is symbolic of a natural world and of love. The heart chakra gleams and radiates this precise hue. The Green series is driven by this force, by passion itself. The subtitle, The Awakening, represents the rousing, the stirring of Meelah Neegry's memories as she recalls who she once was and what she must do. An amazing destiny awaits her.

When Meelah Neegry and her adoptive father move to New York City, she is visited by a winged-being. Honoring her free will, this being must allow her awaken on her own. Male and about her age this blond-haired being, appearing as a gladiator and dressed for battle,reveals himself to be a Light Warrior. He is her protector. Soon, too soon, his protection will be needed.

Shadows, a reflection of the Dark Force, slithered to earth the day that Meelah arrived. No other beings have travelled to or from earth since her arrival, but this will change. The vortexes will resume and the Darkness will hunt Meelah. This malevolent force knows what she is destined to achieve. He will stop at nothing to destroy her.

As Meelah awakens, she travels to Churria, the star where she was born. Churria is an amazing natural world. It is here that she learns who was once was, the leader of the Light Warriors. It is here, that she is reunited with the judicious Light Warriors. She is a mere fraction of who she once was. Her amulet, back on earth holds the memories she requires, but first she must find it.

When Meelah returns to earth, she is visited by Rhana, a siren from the Realm of the Mystics. This wicked siren reveals where the chest, housing the amulet has been hidden, but retrieving it will come at a cost. An expense that Meelah's heart cannot bear.

Coping with the loss of those she cares for, Meelah discovers that resolving matters of the heart while embracing her destiny is an insurmountable undertaking. Nevertheless, all life as we know it depends on her success. She must locate the amulet and depart earth quickly. Nearly out of time, all eyes are on this Light Warrior as her journey unfolds.


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• "Compelling" — Valerie Porter, writer and author

• "I look forward to reading the next book. Interesting and compelling characters. I am very impressed!" — Natalie Pollack, The Valley Life

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