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Book: Pilgrimage by Steven Orlowski

Book: Pilgrimage by Steven Orlowski

categories: Book, Paranormal, Fantasy, Religion, Aliens, UFOs, Alien Abduction, Close Encounters, Science Fiction


Steven Orlowski

Author Steven Orlowskiabout this book: Who remembers the late, great Andy Rooney?

He was the guy at the end of each episode of 60 Minutes that would riff for a minute or two about a topic in a high pitched, squeaky old man kind of voice. His monologues were littered with questions like "Have you ever wondered about Twinkies? How do they stay so fresh for so long? And how many years off of your life will you lose per Twinkie consumed?"

The ideas that became my novel "Pilgrimage" came to me in a similar fashion, and in fact I may have actually heard Andy Rooney's voice speak to me way back when, like a message from God, or at least a message from CBS News.

He was still alive when I first imagined "Pilgrimage", so it is possible that I heard Andy Rooney's voice. Although, if there really is an afterlife, I hope to hear from him again...

As I recall, Mr. Rooney spoke to me and said "Steve. Have you ever wondered about God?"

"Well yes Mr. Rooney, I have."

"Steve. Have ever wondered about Aliens?"

"Why yes Mr. Rooney, I have Aliens as well. What's your point?"

"Well Steve. If there is a God, and if there are Aliens, wouldn't the Aliens be God's creations. I mean, he created the universe and everything in it, right? So if God created the Aliens, what the Hell are they bothering us for?"

"Well Mr. Rooney, I'll say that's a a damn good question, maybe even a good topic for a book. What the hell are the Aliens doing to us? And would an omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent God endorse the Alien's tactics of abduction, experimentation and cross-breeding?"

"You got it Steve", Mr. Rooney concluded, "Now go write a book."

And so I did.

With Mr. Rooney's endorsement, off I went to tell the tale of a father/daughter team of paranormal debunkers who during an investigation into a purported alien abduction come to discover the truth about themselves, the Aliens and maybe even God.

It's a shame Andy Rooney didn't live long enough to read "Pilgrimage". But you can.

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