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Book: The Dark Defiance (The Black Ships) by A.G. Claymore

Book: The Dark Defiance (The Black Ships) by A.G. Claymore

categories: Book, Aliens, Norse Mythology, Space Battle, Space Exploration, Interstellar Trade, Space Opera, Galactic Empire, Military, Sniper, Arcology, Gas Giant, Science Fiction


A.G. Claymore

Author A.G. Claymoreabout this book: This story follows the events of 'The Black Ships' by roughly a decade. We've managed to get our hands on Dactari ships and reverse engineer their critical systems. With a lull in fighting, the race is on to establish trade routes.

Book 2 follows the story of the Völund, a trading ship sent out by Ed McAdam of Red Flag Minerals. They've been sent to find Khola, a fringe, gas-giant moon left to its own devices during the decay of the old empire. Making deals on Khola is anything but simple and the crew soon find themselves embroiled in local intrigue.

The intrigue soon takes a back seat, however, as they realize a deadly enemy is lurking in the region. Amidst tragedy and chaos, they must decide on a course of action that may result in the destruction of Earth.

So often in our own history, trade had led to conflict and conflict has led to technical advancements – a tragic way to advance the species, perhaps, but true nonetheless. Had it not been for World War II, construction on ENIAC would not have commenced by 1943 and its descendant, the computer you're reading this on, might not yet exist.

German Scientists and technology, seized by the Allies after the war, were instrumental in the space race that put men on the moon. If not for the war, would Wernher von Braun have become the chief architect of the Saturn V rocket?

In book two of the 'Black Ships' series, captured alien technology and enemy personnel have fuelled a new phase of Human technical development, paving the way for an economic space race. What we find at the finish line may surprise us.

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