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Book: Childhood's Day by John B. Rosenman

Book: Childhood's Day by John B. Rosenman

categories: Book, Lost Childhood, Second Chances, Recovering Your Youth, Godless Technology, Playing God, Reprography, Speculative Fiction, Bittersweet Memories, Cloning, Artificial Womb, Science Fiction


John B. Rosenman

Author John B. Rosenmanabout this book: This story stems from a specific memory. I was walking down the street on the way to a doctor's appointment when I noticed a store specializing in reprographs. Reprography is the reproduction of graphics through various means such as photography. For example, the reproduction of an old photograph into a new one.

Just like that, an idea for a story leaped into my head. Suppose you could reproduce or duplicate yourself as you were at a previous age -- say as a child of seven. Would you do it? Come on, would you? And if so, what would the experience be like? Suppose the technology existed to reproduce yourself as a boy or girl (pick your gender) of seven or eight or whatever age you wanted. Would you be tempted? Perhaps you could learn from your earlier self. Perhaps your childhood self could tell you things you'd forgotten and once knew, things you needed to know, something vital which would help you cope with your adult life. You could even be a parent or much older sibling of your younger self.

There's something important I haven't told you. Have you guessed what it is? I would, but it might spoil things a bit. Anyway, this was the genesis of my story.

I believe this tale taps into a universal feeling. Who hasn't wanted to turn the clock back and return to the past and revisit someone or something we've lost, perhaps see again someone we loved or relive a wonderful experience or correct a terrible mistake or wrong we committed, take the road less traveled by? Would such a thing ever be possible? In this story I try to explore such possibilities.

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