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Book: The Dragons of Jupiter by Jacob Holo

Book: The Dragons of Jupiter by Jacob Holo

categories: Book, Space Marines, Colonization, Action, Military Science Fiction, Invasion, Science Fiction


Jacob Holo

Author Jacob Holoabout this book: I think the tag line sums it up best. "The worst enemy in war is family." It's a story of two brothers on opposite sides of a war between Earth and a colony near Jupiter. It's heavy on action, but the conflict between the two brothers forms the core of the novel. It's their story.

• Why choose this as the novel's theme?
Family has always been hugely important to me. I grew up in a very close family, and that childhood left a lasting impression on me. War is a terrible thing, and it's powerful enough to tear a close family apart. To me, that is a horrifying concept. I tried to capture this feeling in the novel.

• What inspired you to write The Dragons of Jupiter?
I have a huge love of science fiction and fantasy, be it games or movies or books. I've always enjoyed action-focused science fiction with great characters, so influence came from any number of sources. I also got some of my inspiration from tabletop wargames like Warhammer 40K and Warmachine. I think you can see the wargaming influence in the novel's asymmetrical combat.

• What do you mean by asymmetrical combat?
The two brothers, Kaneda and Ryu, are members of elite fighting forces. Ryu is with the dragons, who fight for Europa, the colony near Jupiter. Kaneda defected to Earth and fights with the crusaders.

I designed the dragons and the crusaders to fight very differently. I wanted both sides to each have a unique feel, with different tactics and equipment. The crusaders are a very direct fighting force. They have superior firepower, exceptional armor, and a huge advantage in numbers. They're just this big wrecking ball that smashes the opposition aside.

The dragons, on the other hand, rely on stealth and infiltration. In a standup fight, they lose, so that's not how they fight. They pick the ideal engagement, strike hard, and then fade away. But they're a very small force. In the novel, they're definitely the underdogs.

• So who are the good guys?
That's not an easy question to answer. Both brothers have very strong reasons for choosing their sides. Ryu fights to defend his home. Kaneda fights to free his home from its corrupt leadership. The two brothers had to make imperfect decisions in an imperfect world, and both sides have merit.

• What do you want people to experience most when reading The Dragons of Jupiter?
I tried to craft a novel that is fast-paced and action-packed while still including a powerful character conflict. While reading it, I hope they have fun and enjoy the ride.

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