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Book: Time Warped Travelers by Robert Westfall

Book: Time Warped Travelers by Robert Westfall

categories: Book, Comedy, Erotica, Time Travel, Sex, Legal Drugs, Con Man, Bourbon, Street Language, Prohibition, Inhibition, Fornication, Science Fiction


Robert Westfall

about this book: My book is about two twenty-five year old time travelers, Thomas Evans and Elizabeth Howard, who find themselves voluntarily in the year 1922. It was the onset of the Roaring Twenties, a tumultuous time in my country's history. At that time marijuana and cocaine were legal in the United States, and they did partake. And oh, how they partook.

I wrote this book because I love science fiction, comedy in writing with a touch of erotica. My story is different than most so I suppose it may attract a certain type of reader; ones who enjoy an author that will tell things like they are and not the way an established publisher would. Plus, I'm sixty years old now, a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. Maybe I did it to cleanse my soul or make amends or a bunch of money. Truth is, I don't really know why I wrote it, but I'm damn sure glad I did.

It took me two months to write it but only that many days to title it. It deals primarily with time travel, and the people are warped beyond belief, hence the name. The hardest part about this first-time-for-me process was researching the time period, the culture of the Bible-Belters versus the people that wanted to drink during Prohibition. The second hardest thing was writing the loves scenes in a soft and sensitive manner, of which I failed miserably. To be honest, Tommy T. and Betsy hammer the shit out of one another. Did I tell you about the language in it?

The vocabulary is sometimes as graphic as the sexcapades, but the "F---" word is used sparingly, mainly for shock value. Tommy is a street hardened con man, Beth is but one step up from her lover, and they complement each other in more ways than one position. Throw in a Mafia Maiden and her Sicilian enforcer, two Hippocritic doctors (one from 1922 and the other 2012) a step mom who is dying of plain anemia and a step dad who is about to lose his orphanage to some banker with the first name of Complete and the last name of Asshole. Of course, I think it's a pretty good read.

So far I've sold a total of twenty books, but that doesn't bother me in the least. I wrote my first novel all by my lonesome using the language and humor that I learned as a coal miner and professional truck driver for forty-two years before I retired. I put in some of my best jokes in it for the hell of it and my knowledge of "night people" that I met on the road. If any of you gents want to know what a "Wax Job" is, go to page—and I'm serious now—sixty-nine of Time Warped Travelers; available at Amazon every day now.

Yours truly,
Robert Westfall

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