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Book: Darkleich Files - The Raptarian by Bryan Barton

Book Reviews: Darkleich Files - The Raptarian by Bryan Barton

categories: Book, Interplanetary Worlds, Criminals, Science Fiction


 Entertaining Ebook

I assume like the rest of the people who have reviewed this book here, Amazon either did not process it or there are difficulties somewhere on their system. So getting to the book. Not to bad of an Ebook, liked the ease of the read, my views of this book are pretty simple. If you like action, adventure mixed with Scifi then this is something you really should download and read. Even if this is not a genre you like, this is still worth reading. [by Jamie King]

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 Fab Read

Fab read, as a younger reader, I found this book very easy to get through. My dad read it also and thought it was cool. Will there be another one, well I hope there will be ... [by Martin Millers]

 Quietly Impressed

Read the entire book in a few hours, the length was just right for me. I liked the comical interactions with Darkleich and Oterix. I hope to read more in what I can assume is an ongoing series. Congratulations to this new author [by Jonathon Mills (Atlanta)]

 Darkleich Kick Ass

Darkleich kicks ass, fabulous book. Extremely exciting ebook. Highly recommend this for everyone. Opening for another book in the series, cannot wait. Well done to Barton [by Cindy Coop]

 Good Read

The Darkleich Files is a pretty good read, the plot is well thought and the twist at the end is very good leaving it open for a second book. I think the book is a little short, however I assume as an introduction to this new series that this can be overlooked. It is action packed and the added humour works well with Darkleich. Very well done Barton. [by Chris Jones]

 Darkleich too bad

After trying multiple times to publish a review on Amazon and not going through, I have found this alternative site. I think this book is pretty good, the characters are thought out, each with their own internal and physical conflicts. For a first time author Barton has done a very good job. I hope to read more in the Darkleich Files ... [by Barden]

 Not a bad Ebook

As for as it goes for an new author, I have one word...WOW. I am a new 17 yrs old. And I new ebooker and I love SciFi genre. I came across the Darkleich Files on Amazon, the book synopsis interested me so I purchased it. The characters and the worlds created are pretty cool. I was really excited with Darkleich and, I really liked Oterix as he is so funny. I hope there will be more in this series. [by Jeremy]

 New author

I downloaded this book by mistake, but read it anyway. I must say that, I was thoroughly impressed with it. A few grammatical errors, which the author can easily correct. The lexicon at the end of the book should be placed at the beginning; maybe with an authors note to the readers.

The world that Mr. Barton has created looks and sounds interesting, I hope if he does anther book we can visit more of these worlds. Again, enjoyable book, funny in some places with Oterix, I would recommend this to all readers. [by James Corbett]

 Great Read

This ebook is great. As a new author, he has done well. A few grammatical errors here and there, but they can be overlooked. For younger adults it is very much recommended, and will certainly keep them interested. It's very good for older readers, as well. Darkleich, Oterix and the rest of the characters are well thought out and you feel every emotion that Darkleich has. This is a really good book. There is plenty of action, and Barton does a fine job from the beginning to the very end. Sit back and enjoy this new exciting world of the Darkleich Files. [by Striyker]

 Fabulous new Ebook

I enjoyed this book immensly, as soon as I started reading I didn't want to put the book down. Darkleich with all his internal conflicts is a very believable character and Oterix playing his sidekick is an amusing twist to the story. I thought that I had predicted the ending, but I was surprised at the final twist at the end. The heroe is appropriately manly. The book in general is pretty good, the author is new and I hope there will be more in this series of books. The book was a relief to read. The writing was enjoyable, the plot engaging, and the protagonist entirely believable. I think for anyone wishing to download this book, then they should, set aside a few hours of your day and enjoy. [by Chris Alexander]

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