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Book: FOUR'S A CROWD by Maria Bradley

Book Review: FOUR'S A CROWD by Maria Bradley

categories: Book, Sci-Fi Teen, Young Adult, Mystery, Battle, Mind Control, Lies, Deceit, Amnesia, Love, Hate, Murder, Intrigue, Romance, Science Fiction


Maria Bradley

Author Maria Bradleyabout this book: I have always dreamt of becoming a writer but am not the most confident of people. You know, the nagging doubts I suppose all authors have; what if nobody likes it? Is the editing good enough? What do I do about a cover? What if somebody does like it? I'll have to open up about myself, put myself forward. How will I live up to the expectations of my family?

Well, my doubts crippled me until now, being of mature years, and that's all I'm going to say about my age, I finally decided to put my best pen forward and launch onto the paper trail.

FOUR'S A CROWD began with a person I met many years ago who intrigued me immediately. A real gentleman in the true sense of the word; he kissed my hand when introduced, he held out my chair before I sat down, and was always eloquently polite.

All this from an eccentric, elderly gentleman, living in a boarded up house, who occasionally slept on a mattress in an old van. He had nothing, but he was happy.

My own life was a mire of disillusionment, with dark problems full of shame, at the time, and for some reason, he lifted my spirits and made me feel like a worthwhile person. If you have read my book you will know that he is "Chairman".

"Jack" began with character traits from a number of "special needs" children and teenagers I have met or worked with in my life. The most wonderful, inspirational and fascinating young people I have had the pleasure to meet. Because of their difficulties, whether they are social or physical, nature has afforded them with advanced gifts and talents in other areas of their life. They are "special" for a reason! Jack is such a person, totally inept in a social situation, but he has a hidden, secret gift, which develops through the story.

Sky reminds me of my own daughter, who I didn't realise I was writing about at the time. She is spirited and adventurous, impulsive but strong! Sky is the perfect accompaniment to a helping of "Jack". The tale is of these three companions, searching for each of their troubled or forgotten pasts, to find themselves, and somehow make a future together. They become involved in a murder mystery; a narcissistic scientist traps them in a world of illusion and they don't know who is friend or foe! Chairman keeps disappearing, with no memory of where he has been, and they are stalked by the evil drug-dealer "Ger", who wants Jack back for his own purposes. Their life is a rollercoaster and they want to get off.

I must add, at this point, that both my sons, as well as my daughter, were sensational with all of their ideas and encouragement for me when I was writing this. This book is for their genre: Teen/Young adult. The cover was designed by my niece of "Yolanda Ribas Design". I gave her a description of the characters and she hit the nail on the head immediately. They look just how I imagine them to be. I'm very fond of my make-believe family you know, and they had to look right. Someone said "I take my characters with me everywhere I go" and that is so true. I imagine their reaction to different situations; would they laugh? Would they cry? There are so many parts of the people I love in each character, it is impossible to ever leave them at home.

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The characters in the story got me interested from the start. I like characters that change and grow with the story. Chairman was funny and Jack was sweet. I like how he got more confident later in the story. It got really exciting when I read about their real lives and Jack's ability was cool. I can't wait for the next book about all three of them.

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