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Book: THE ELEMENTAL by Joseph Lombardo

Book Review: THE ELEMENTAL by Joseph Lombardo

categories: Book, Aliens, Military, Black Ops, Technology, Dimensions, Flying Saucers, UFO, Telepathy, Space, Roswell, Reverse Engineering, Science Fiction


Joseph Lombardo

about this book: Hello. In my novella, THE ELEMENTAL, the story line follows the steps that beings from a different dimension take to retrieve their technology. These aliens do not look favorably on humans but they have no qualms about using humans when it is to their advantage to do so. As advanced as these creatures are, in many ways they are very similar to humans. They justify their actions by the classic scenario of the ends justifying the means.

Ever since I was young, I've looked out at the stars and have thought about all the life that's in the cosmos and have wondered what it is that's going on out there in the vastness. Are creatures out there the same as us or are they radically different? Also, recently, scientists have stated that they can mathematically prove that other dimensions exist and this, in my mind, opens up even more alternatives.

In my story, there are hints of different possibilities. I know that most of us who love to read do so because it is our way to experience things beyond our normal everyday existence. You can travel to distant places without leaving your recliner. I believe that those readers who are fascinated by the unknown and who like adventure will enjoy the spin that my story offers.

I chose the title because it is a perfect description of a sentient being who is not part of our everyday existence. Initially, I wrote the story as a screenplay and I decided to reach out to a larger audience by converting it to a normal story format. The hardest part of writing my story was the research that I had to do to learn about military details and procedures. More specifically, and of more difficulty, I had to really dig deep to find out about black op programs. I figured that the better the details, the better the feeling of authenticity that the story would have.

For those of you who take a chance and read the novella, let me say "Thank you." I hope you like it and find it fun.

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Surprisingly good 👌 If you like alien stuff, this story is definitely for you! :) I don't know what I would do without it. You should give it a try ;)

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