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Book: The First Key of Kalijor by Paul Lell

Book Review: The First Key of Kalijor by Paul Lell

categories: Book, Martial Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult, Spaceships, Corporate Humanity, Post Apocalypse, Video Game, Avatar, Epic, Science Fiction


Paul M Lell

Author Paul M Lellabout this book: The Kalijor Series is about a young woman, who is born inside a virtual world, lives the formative years of her life thinking magic, dragons, orcs, and doing daily quests for money is what the world is about. She embarks upon a quest to finish some family business, along with her sister and, during a climactic battle with an evil ranger, she apparently dies.

Waking up after the battle is a pretty big surprise, but it is nothing compared to the realization that she is now in an entirely different world of science and technology and the world of Kalijor is nothing but a virtual, computer simulation that people use for entertainment. Learning to reconcile her feelings about what has happened, she is talked into taking on work as a corporate courier, working for the corporation that operates the Kalijor game world and as she learns more and more about her new reality, she finds that it is not so different, or even separate, from the world she once knew.

The Kalijor books are as much about the humanity of the future, as they are about Riana, her sister, and their plight. It is a story about where we are going, what is possible through technology (speculative), and what it means to be human. Can an artificial Intelligence ever become so real that it can be truly called alive? What if it was living inside a fully functioning flesh and blood body? Does being human require a person to have been born through traditional means, or is it merely a question of being able to think, and feel for oneself?

These are questions that Riana is trying to find the answers to as she learns to navigate the complex, corporate-run world of humanity's future; a future where the Earth is no longer habitable because of a nuclear war that was started by people unwilling to submit to corporate governance of the human race. With her sister and their friends, Riana tries to carve out a place for herself, where she can settle down, figure out who, and what she is, and just try to live her life. Now, if only the world would let her.

A series for all ages (I have readers ranging from 7, to 70), the Kalijor books are about growing up, exploring one's humanity, and learning to let those little things that don't really matter, truly slide.

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This book will keep you on your toes, just when you think you know what's coming up next, there's a little surprise to make you want to keep on reading. Loved it, and looking forward to reading more of Riana and Katrina's adventures in book 2! [by Korrinnastar]

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