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Book: Sorry and Morticum by Charles E. Stoll

Book: Sorry and Morticum by Charles E. Stoll

categories: Book, Future, Wizard, Werewolf, Balance, Spirituality, Body, Mind, Spirit, Castle, Science Fiction


Charles E. Stoll

Author Charles E. Stollabout this book: "Sorry and Morticum" by Charles Stoll was written to show how life may have evolved in Daytona in the year 3022. It takes several potshots at life today as only creatures that far in the future could view us. The earth has survived the Robotic, Insect and Climate Wars, but just barely. Formerly hidden creatures of earth have risen to the surface. A conscious fog covers the earth. Instead of various races, there are now mutants, Mutmuts, Freemonkeys and twelve foot cockroaches to be contended with. Can Sorry, an aging wizard and his husband, Morticum, a sexy werewolf conquer the problems of their day? The book reassures us that we are all just life forces, aligned spiritually and different only bodily. Please suspend disbelief and dive in. It will tickle you in all the right places. Below are some quotes form "Sorry and Morticum":

"A simple life is the best. The more you complicate it, the less you control it."

"Once machines performed all the servile functions formerly performed by the lower classes,
the population immediately achieved equality, ending over ten thousand years of class systems."

"Might it be that my acceptance of being a small part of everything also makes everything a small part of me? Could just the simple act of moving in the direction of balance keep all of life's contradictions from affecting you?"

"Who's keeping secrets now?"

"Not secrets, but layers. There are layers to reality…layers of honesty…layers of truth."

"Hoping the world would change back to how it used to be…only leaves you stressed…I can't remember a time when the world was really perfect, anyway, even during the New Renaissance. Life was almost too easy then and you longed for a challenge."

"I have always loved you because you are the only being whom I would ever allow to change me."

"The peace Act of 2510 (determined that) wars were just egos acting out, and never led to the real cause of any problem, the real meaning of any issue and any real resolution except for the defeat of one party."

"You keep paying with your soul to keep your body alive."

"There hasn't been a theft in over three hundred years…since the government signed the Ownership Law. It deemed that a thing was owned by the person who needed it most…People no longer felt important because they owned more material possessions. It actually made the rich seem needy and pathetic."

"Everyone is lucky who gets a shot at life…It's not your circumstances but what you do with them. It's about the obstacles you overcome, not what you were given."

"It's his soul telling him whom to trust. Children still have contact with from whence they came before the material world. Then we confuse them with so much needless information, they lose that knowledge."

"All new life is magical. No matter how depraved the world becomes, a child is born pure and innocent, a reminder that life can be perfect in the midst of imperfection."

"A good ram can change a man more than reason, no doubt."

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