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Merlynna Harris

Author Merlynna Harrisabout this book: This book is about two extra strong men, one bionic, and the other is of another strength origin. One is a scientist. They team us to fight against bad, and evil forces in Outer Space, although their fight began while they were yet on Earth. The story goes on, other science fiction drama unfolds, as there is terrorizing brutal opposing characters that appear to be in control for the moment. The two hero characters, who themselves, in the beginning, were victims of violence

One of the benefits included in this book is the ease in assessing the type of fiction that they are looking for, if they desire a story with much character dialogue, action between the pages, adventures, drama, and traumatic circumstances with a story. If they want an exciting read, with their reading, entertainment in mind, which brings forth a satisfaction throughout the pages, this is a good book for them to read. This book contains the enjoyment, and excitement of the wonder, and amazement of reading about spaceships, time machines, air battles, and of trouble erupting all over, namely, first on the Earth, then, in Outer Space territories; and eventually the action returns to Earth again, then escalates back to Space, and so on. There is always something happening, and never a dull moment. If the reader lies to read about Super-Animals, and birds of the same strength, and their role within the story - this is the book for them. Last, but not least are the two super, strong heroes, who take their exciting roles within the story. The book is an interesting, and amazing journey thru which to be taken. This book is for readers who cherish - the retaliation of the innocent book characters in their attempts to change bad circumstances into good circumstances, by punishing the brutal bad characters in some manner. It is for those who enjoy the thrill of drama, violence, and action.

My fondness of reading, and watching fictional things of adventure, action, and of the other ingredients within this book, inspired me to write my imaginary version of such, so my mind dwelt into it's imaginary journey, which resulted in my exciting book. I remained fascinated during the writing of my story.

It took me one month to write this book. I totally enwrapped my mind into the contents of this 75,886-word story, and its 23 fascinating chapters. I gave it my mind in all. Great thought, and care had been put into the final, short conclusion chapter, for I wanted the finalization of this book to be a reaching into the spectacular of life. I enjoyed every moment of my writing of the entire book.

I wanted my title to be different. I desired the story book to have a title of impact, and still correspond to the theme of my book's chapters. AWESOMELY VIRILE MEN, serves as an "umbrella" for my inside cover sub-title of VIOLENCE RESCUERS, which refers to Salvador, the bionic, and partner, the amazing scientist, who is mostly referenced to, as Higgins.

Without giving the plot away, I'll just add, that the 50-year-of-age, Professor Higgins, just happens to be The bionic man's father, and they had never really had a close relationship with one another. Both come together as Awesomely Virile Men in my story. They don't necessarily address one another as father, and son, and might appear as very close friends that fight their enemies. There is no time for any touches of gathered relationships here, because their lives ... well, Higgins, although stronger than any human man, is still whole-human; and his life could be taken away in battles. They fight so many opposing enemies. This book is a good reading adventure, I believe, for any reader of other reading genres - I'll finally admit, without boastful; but humbly, I say.

The book's cover signifies strength, and action.

The hardest part of the writing of my book was the chapter before the conclusion chapter. Without spoiling the readers' wonder, and entertainment of what happened, I was temporarily heartfelt for a certain circumstance that had been taken away, for I had grown to know the involved within my story. It was a surprising time of drama.

This story of imaginary fiction was not researched, except for a couple of scientific wonders within my mind; therefore, I arrived at the thinking of, no one knows what lurks in scientific developments, which gave credence to my inspired writing of the fictional science contained within my story.

I memo something already known, if I may say: and that is, that writers are human; and writers, sometimes, also get wrapped up within their own stories that they write, just as the readers humanly do so.

I hope that the readers find the same, "wrapping up", within this book, in their reading of it. It is an interesting book.

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