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Book: Nyxe by Jedaiah Ramnarine

Book: Nyxe by Jedaiah Ramnarine

categories: Book, Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult, Futurism, Building, Technology, Female Lead, Strong Women, Hope, Science Fiction


Jedaiah Ramnarine

about this book: Nyxe is about the possibility of rebuilding a shattered world long after all hope is seemingly lost. It's written in first person to familiarize the reader to the world and connect them to the main character, but to also subconsciously ask themselves

'What would you do?'

It's a tough responsibility to wake up one day in a high tech underground lab then to walk out and realize you're the only person left and your forefathers who destroyed your world? They left a nifty task for you to rebuild everything they ruined.

This book offers the following benefits to the reader:

- Simple and easy to follow
- A unique but not bleak taste on the possibility of a fallen world and how you or I could rebuild it one by one
- A vivid world actually, that a reader can get lost in and keep flipping those pages
- Has the right amount of ambition without drowning the reader in abstract ideals
- Has franchise possibility: can branch off into more than just a book (think game, movie, tv series, machinima etc.)

What inspired me to write this book? Frankly, the honest answer is just life experience. It took about 2-3 months of writing time. The title was originated from 'Nyx' goddess of the night and 'Nixie' which means water nymph. A combination of the two practically describes Nyxe and her task to the teeth.

This cover was chosen because it was simple (with help from my publisher) and I wanted to show a non-threatening image of a more evolved human that is NOT male. It's important that she was female, because I do believe the world needs more real women to balance our world. It's too masculine-prone and conquering-based. Nyxe is a strong woman (who I can honestly say is 'stronger' and more capable mentally than most male characters I've written which is far more respectable and powerful)

Hardest part of writing the book was continuing after my girlfriend left me. Nevertheless I pushed on and created something beautiful and inspiring for the world.

There was a lot to learn as well. In terms of writing, what sells, what doesn't, and an overall improvement in not just my career but my evolution as a human being. This book has done a lot for me and I know it will for others as well.

This is what I want to say to my readers:
"Love the ground you walk on and the person next to you, because in a heartbeat it can all be gone and you'll never know what you lost till it happens but nevertheless, should you falter - push on and proceed. Hope always remains as long as there's breath in your body."

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