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Book: The World Game by Allen H. Charles

Book: The World Game by Allen H. Charles

categories: Book, Suspense, Thriller, Islamic Terrorism, Anti Matter, Space Elevator, Sky Hook, Solar, America's Got Talent, Iran, North Korea, Israel, Science Fiction


Allen H. Charles

Author Allen H. Charlesabout this book: The World Game predicts what will happen in about 30 years time.

Behaviour in the White House today is bearing out the predictions made. It is chilling. Is there a sleeper agent in the White House?

A nuclear armed Iran. North Korean madness.

Yet what is it all for? Who benefits from the violence, the brutal terrorism, death and mayhem happening as you read these words?

THEY do! Find out who THEY are and why THEY need our emotions, torn from agonised bodies and souls, or leached from the most intimate passion.

See how THEY use us, but please, do not lose sight of yourself when you watch America's Got Talent.

Within the mayhem, have a laugh at the reality of our circumstances, the madness of our medical insurance system and the racing technology that will make our Earth so different in thirty years.

As one Amazon five star reviewer put it:

"You must read this book. It takes you to the most interesting places in your imagination and then throws you a curve to show you there is another unexpected possibility. I will not give away any of the book as some. You must read for yourself."

If you were looking for a read that demands no thought, then this is NOT it. But be entertained in the cinema of your mind, as another Amazon five star reviewer suggests:

"Allen H. Charles seems to have all bases covered in a convincing manner. Who cares what is scientifically accurate or not? If it is fiction and sounds plausible, then defences down and enjoy."

With many hard copies given away over the three years this work has been in editorial refinement, I have discovered that there are two types of readers. The two star reviewers who look for mindless entertainment, with no intellectual effort, and the five star reviewers who seek the message in the book, and are well entertained along the way. But I do listen to all the critics.

The World Game is a "can't put it down" book for some, and "can't get it up" book for others. :-)

Give it a try and see which category you fall into.

The science is well founded, reviewed by a Professor of Physics and a former Nasa Space Shuttle Engineer. The psychology is real. The characters are believable.

There is another Allen H. Charles novel in the pipeline.

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