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Book: Aleave and The Dwellers (Aleave's Journeys) by Michelle Eddington

Book: Aleave and The Dwellers (Aleave's Journeys) by Michelle Eddington

categories: Book, Action Adventure, Fire Power, Girl Warrior, Battle, Science Fiction Fantasy

Michelle Eddington

about this book: This is the story of a girl named Aleave, the tale of her journey through life. Aleave's mother and father were from two different worlds. She was born and raised in Red Hell, where she worked as a housecleaner, serving the Red Devil himself. Her own mother deserted Aleave when she was only ten years old; the woman threw Aleave away like a piece of garbage, hoping to save her own life instead. Aleave fell from Red Hell into Dweller's Desert.

There, in the middle of the desert, a dweller found a badly injured Aleave and tended to her. His family eventually accepted her as one of their own, and she began to train for battle. Before long, she was among the top warriors, the best general in the dweller army. She learned to cut enemies down with bows, arrows, and small daggers with blades fashioned from glass and handles made of bone.

Aleave had a humorous but commanding attitude about life. She was very intelligent and a great friend to all she met. Most of all, she had a very kind heart and cared deeply about her family and friends, to the point of being willing to die for them. Her dark past led her to become such a person. She was very beautiful, with purple skin, a human-like body, and coal-black hair that could ignite into fire. She had green eyes and an alluring, youthful face and figure. When her hair was aflame, she could control it at will; it could be touched without burning the fingertips—unless she wanted the toucher to be burned.

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