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Book: Ashia by L.E. Thomas

Book: Ashia by L.E. Thomas

categories: Book, Science Fiction, Adventure, Coming of Age, Swords, Father Daughter, Alien Worlds, Conspiracy Adventure, Space, Space Opera, Royalty, Science Fantasy


L.E. Thomas

about this book: Ashia is a novel I have been dreaming about for more than a decade. When I first wrote Star Runners, I always wanted to open up the Legion-Zahl Universe in different ways that simply weren't realistically possible with the Star Runners and Austin Stone. Ashia gave me the chance to tell a story about residents of a dark world who are not from Earth. In fact, no one in the story is from Earth, yet, they seek answers to their origin the same as we do.

The story itself is about a young woman, Shanda, who has known only the life of a slave. She has been having more vivid visions, some of which are coming true. On Ashia, these people are known as "Seer Witches" and it is believed their powers come from the underworld. As a result, these Seers are executed whenever they are found because of these ancient suspicions. Shanda keeps her visions quiet for as long as possible.

The book also has airships in the form of flying sea vessels converted by magic...or is it an alien technology? I've always loved the images of massive war galleons crashing into one another as the crews leaped over to board their enemy's vessel, engaging in mortal combat. This book gave me the chance to do so while flying high above the ground, and it was fun writing these scenes.

I've also always been interested in the Columbian Exchange when Europeans first met with the cultures of the Americas and how this impacted both people. The technology carried by the Europeans fascinated the people of the Americas. I think this event influenced me when writing about the people of Ashia and their interactions with traders carrying seemingly magical weapons and technology.

I am currently deep into writing the Ashia sequel. I truly hope this book provides an adventurous escape for you.

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