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Book: 'Hello My New Best friend' (The Russian Girlfriend Scams) by Stephen Lee Ostrowski

Book Reviews: 'Hello My New Best friend' (The Russian Girlfriend Scams) by Stephen Lee Ostrowski

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Stephen Lee Ostrowski

Author Stephen Lee Ostrowskiabout this book: When you receive suspect romance e-mails from Russian women (together with stunning photos) who claim to have fallen for your profile from some long forgotten dating site, you can almost guarantee that this is a scam e-mail intended to lure you into correspondence in an effort to encourage an on-line romance. They will go on to tell you how much they love their family, what their favourite foods are, why Russian men are unsuitable partners, and how they will treat you with the love and devotion you deserve. To the recently divorced middle aged man who is wondering what life holds for him around the next corner, an offer like this can be too good to be true. The simple fact is, is that this is just the case. The correspondence can last for months, by which time, the unsuspecting victim will have fallen for his fictitious on-line lover, and will eventually be persuaded to part with large sums of money to enable their "Girlfriend" to purchase a plane ticket and a visa to come over to the UK or the USA to fall into the arms of the man they have declared their undying love for. Sadly, many a red faced or emotionally distraught victim has been left standing at Gatwick Airport waiting for the inbound Aeroflot flight from Moscow to land for "Natalya" or "Ketrina" to come through arrivals for the start of a new life with their chosen partner. Of course, they will never come and the victim learns an emotionally distressing and financially draining experience.

Stephen Lee Ostrowski however, gives the scammers all the promises they all want to hear, with promises of love and marriage, untold wealth and financial security for life. With his own alter-ego characters and fictitious lifestyles, Stephen leads the scammers up the garden path through months of exchange e-mails with his own unique brand of humour which leaves the scammers wishing they had never bothered to e-mail him in the first place.

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 fantasticly funny

Managed to purchase my copy direct from the author; it's so funny, it doesn't matter what nonsense he tells the scammers they just keep responding on the off chance they'll get some money. He keeps them hanging on for ages. You just have to buy this book if you want a good laugh. 10/10 Would read again and again. Looking forward to any more treats that he may have up his sleeve! [by Jay Hamlett]


Have been laughing myself to sleep reading this. The characters are so funny and the Russian women are baffled by the antics. Well worth it. Funniest book I have read. [by Martyna Reeson]

 A really good laugh

Five stories of e-mail correspondence with female Russian scammers. Author is great at tagging them along, together with all the false documents and funny photos he sends them back with each e-mail. Bit rude in places and not for the faint hearted but so funny, and very well put together. The Author has such a good imagination. Recommended if want to laugh your socks off. [by Dena Parsons]

 very very funny

Couldn't stop laughing at Stephen Lee's responses to the e-mails he was sent from a collection of these Russian women. His characters such as "Wayne Kerr" and "Jock Strap" and their make believe existences had me giggling for days. (Still laughing now). Love it when he sends them running around all over the place trying to collect fake Western Union money transfers, as they get angrier by the day. How he manages to keep some of them corresponding for months on end I'll never know. Really funny book. [by Donna Reeson]

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