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Book: Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress (Royal Command Family Saga Book 1) by Sarah Stuart

Book Reviews: Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress (Royal Command Family Saga Book 1) by Sarah Stuart

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Sarah Stuart

Author Sarah Stuartabout this book: Backstreet boy and wannabe actor, Michael, and royal heiress, Elspeth, marry in this award-winning Reader’s Favorite romance/sizzle, but their passionate, turbulent love story darkens. Their daughter, Lisette, seduces the charismatic Diamond Superstar, and journalists suspect the birth of a lovechild.

Entries in Margaret Tudor's secret diary by her illegitimate, vengeful, granddaughter led Lisette astray. Does the queen of Scotland's account of treason hidden from King James IV hold answers for the twenty-first century love triangle, or will media stories attract the attention of the police and see them jailed?

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 A Romance of Many Layers

This is a satisfyingly complex book. At its heart, it is the tale of the relationship between Michael and Lizzie and how they cope with the demands of superstardom, a tale which later remanifests in the experiences of their daughter Lizzie. But this is interwoven and driven by the themes of the musicals Michael stars in, with their themes of love being stronger than death, and by the advice Lizzie finds in the Book of Hours, a heirloom passed down the female line of descendants of Queen Margaret of Scotland. It is the fascinating way these themes recur and reflect upon each other in different times and situations that is so fascinating. It helps that the book is well written and the characters well drawn. [by Michael Kelly]

 MY book of the year

My wife downloaded this book before we went on holiday and I only started reading it on a day when it rained and I'd nothing else. Women's fiction! Not at all, though I can see why my wife enjoyed it. It's a complex story with characters you can't help rooting for, even when they make appalling mistakes and they do! Very highly recommended. [by Harry Parks]

 A Finalist? It should be the BEST Indie Book of the Year!

From the moment Lizzie discovers she's related to a queen who reigned almost 5 centuries ago her life changes course. She falls in love with a charismatic amateur actor determined to escape poverty and helps him become a star, only to almost lose the love of her life over and over to – Saying more would be a spoiler, but don't miss this beautifully written page turner. [by Kim Sharpe]

 A real winner from an Indie author I found on Twitter

If you enjoy a story of relationships with a good dose of love, loss, deceit, sexual tension, and mildly erotic scenes, treat yourself to a copy of this book. It's well-written with a complex plot, believable characters, and a brilliant theater setting. More of the same, please, Ms Stuart. [by Harmony]

 A romance with a unique difference - totally gripping

I started to read this book thinking it was going to be the same as many others, but boy, was I wrong! Lizzie finds a 'book of hours', once owned by a Queen, and passed down through the female bloodline of her family. It commands that the females should find love. The story takes you on Lizzie's journey of love, and then that of her daughter - almost like two books in one. The story is much more than a simple romance. It is a tale of what can happen if you Love Too Much. I look forward to more from this author. A highly recommended read. [by Judith Fullerton]

No Holds Barred

Jan Sikes

by author Jan Sikes

Dangerous Liaisons will take you on a steamy romance adventure that goes all the way back to the 1500s. Lizzie Cameron was given the Book of Hours by her mother when she turned fourteen years of age. It was a book handed down by generations dating back to kings and queens from centuries ago. A diary of sorts, Lizzie diligently worked to decode the messages hidden in the book. "Always find love where you can. Love is a gift of God, not of kings."

From Lizzie's romance with handsome backstreet boy, Michael Marsh to the lights and lifestyle of stardom with paparazzi watching their every move, we journey with this couple through good times and bad. I won't write a spoiler, but when Michael is cast opposite his eighteen year old daughter in a leading role that includes kissing and nudity, things get even more twisted. I give kudos to Sarah Stuart for bringing this tangled story to a satisfying conclusion. Great read if you love steamy romance!

Great Read

Lena McCoy

by author Lena McCoy

Like a bad accident, I couldn't take my eyes off this book! It's not something I would normally read (I love a good mystery) but I'm tired of reading the "known" authors and not feeling I've gotten my money's worth. So, I tend to gravitate toward new authors. Reading the synopsis of this book got me hooked and from the first the plot and the characters kept me moving through the book. Twists and turns with an ending I wasn't expecting but loved!

 Utterly fascinating from the start to the astounding end

This novel is romantic suspense with a difference. It's exciting, passionate, and very sexy. Queen Margaret wished her descendants love, but it leads twenty-first century generations into hiding secrets that could see lovers split apart forever. It's a must-read… and read again, and again, until the next in the series appears. [by Zare-Jo Palmer]

 Loved it

Intriguing? Yes! If you are looking for a romance filled with passion then this book is for you! The characters, Lizzie and Michael are so relatable, they truly pull the reader in, especially Lizzie. Lizzie is a curious character, red headed eighteen year old with freckles,it's amazing to see what adventures Lizzie gets into. I don't want to go into too many details, but I highly recommend purchasing this book & find out for yourself how exciting it is. ~Neva Squires-Rodriguez author of Liliana [by Neva]

 Uniquely, Refreshingly Different

Twists and turns from Scotland to the West End. The book tackles some difficult issues with creative and colourful characters. The characters are very intertwined, literally at times and a very unpredictable ending which made a refreshing read. [by Kitten]

 A really good read. Brilliant

Not your typical 'boy meets girl'. Lizzie and Michael capture your heart, enticing you to ride the roller-coaster of their tumultuous love affair with them. Both have real depth of character and believable aspirations. Both have promises to keep, one to a Tudor queen of Scotland and the other to a dead father. Can't wait for the next in the Royal Command series. [by Yasmin]

 Suspense To The End

A good read that has been thoroughly well written and researched. Romantic fiction is not usually my genre but this book kept my attention to the last page. Being a regular theatregoer the back stage descriptions were particular interesting.

 Is it possible to love too much? Find out here

A real eye-opener into the world of behind-the-scenes London theatre. Poor boy may meet rich girl, but this is no Cinderella story. The determination to succeed is what drives the plot, and the heartbreaking backlash of success is what makes the characters compellingly human. Temptation, loyalty and betrayal all result from a young girl's determination to 'find love where you may, for love is a gift of God not of kings.', the command of a long-dead queen, passed down in a Book of Hours from generation to generation with disastrous results. Beautifully written. [by Sally Wright]

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