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Book: Complicated Creatures - Part One in a Romantic Suspense Series by Alexi Lawless

Book Reviews: Complicated Creatures - Part One in a Romantic Suspense Series by Alexi Lawless

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Alexi Lawless

about this book: A Blistering Hot Summer read, COMPLICATED CREATURES is a stay-up-all-night, tell-all-your-friends story of love, reinvention & obsession, and it's *on sale for .99* to kick off the your summer ready on Amazon beginning JUNE 25th for just a handful of days!

Vivrant Press announced today that the first book by Alexi LAWLESS entitled, Complicated Creatures: Part One is now available on Kindle. For a special time only, beginning June 25th, the book is available for 99 cents. Complicated Creatures Part Two will be published in August.

Lawless, whose profile describes her as a "corporate runaway, novelist, wanderer, and bourbon drinker," makes her debut with a book described by reviewers as "un-put-downable" and "alluring, suspenseful and compelling". While Complicated Creatures is set primarily in Chicago, a town Lawless knows—and writes—with vivid clarity, readers will also discover themselves transported to the desert mountains of Somalia, the dazzling and riotous city of Rio de Janeiro and the peaceful ranchland of Texas.

The book is driven by characters that are as fascinating as they are complex.

When Samantha Wyatt moves into the adjoining penthouse, she immediately attracts the attentions of Jack Roman, a major player in the empire that is his Chicago. Samantha, a striking, elusive woman who seems to transition seamlessly from wood-paneled board rooms to high-stakes, high-risk rescue operations in the most dangerous parts of the world, is unlike anyone he's ever known. When her mysterious past returns with a vengeance, Jack's father, a powerful politician on the Senate Intelligence Committee, warns him: "It is normal to love a dangerous woman. They know how to wield their power, and they are not afraid of yours. But her background is labyrinthine. Samantha is dark. She is dark for a reason…"

Reviews consistently describe the book as so much more than just a romance, and the book has developed a strong male readership with powerful action scenes, a fast-paced dialogue and a brilliant cast of characters. One reviewer explains, "There's intelligence in the writing so that even the erotic scenes—which are sizzling—are well done and believable. But this is so much more than a simple romance! The main character, Samantha, is like a hot, female version of James Bond... Every character in the book is well-developed and real. Alexi Lawless is a talented writer who knows that women can be strong and sexy, men can be smoldering and vulnerable, and that there's more to a story than just jumping from erotic scene to erotic scene. There's an actual story taking place."

"These are not your mother's romance novels," explains author Alexi Lawless, who says her reading audience should be 18 and older. "What started as a simple idea for a romance novel developed into a story of intrigue and action—with some intensely hot scenes along the way!"

In an interview with the author about how she came up with the storyline of this unusual book, she explains:

"Generally, a writer starts out with a story in mind and a rough idea of the intended audience. I had in mind a romance for my first published novel. The kind of love story I wanted to read--about a strong man and a powerful woman who would be able to go toe-to-toe with each other in a tangle of sheets and wit.

I wanted to create a female version of that archetypal "romance" male lead. And when I did that, I got Sam. She reminded me, in many ways, of Catherine Banning's character in The Thomas Crown Affair. And like the movie, I wanted to give her a man who would really prove to be a challenge--someone who could truly be a partner to her if she ever deigned to let him in. Then voila! There's Jack. Born from her rib; not the other way around.

But the thing about writing is that no matter how good your outline is, the story becomes organic and takes a life of its own. And I started veering into "Romantic Suspense" waters when Sam's proclivity for getting into (and out of) trouble became apparent. The Prologue, the fight scenes at the gym, her being a crack shot… It all started to feel a little more female James Bond than it did "heavy romance with the hottie next door". And that's when I just forgot about "who" I was writing for because at this point, I wrote for myself--to see what my characters did and why. And as I wrote the story I wanted to read, I realized it became far better and far more interesting than the simple love story I'd begun with. This process actually led me to creating The Lawless Rules of Writing, which you can check out at my website if you're a writer or interested in becoming one.

So long-story short--is there an intended audience? Sure. YOU. Because it turns out, it's surprisingly hard to categorize outside of the fact that it's a work of fiction. There's action, suspense, romance, erotica, a cast of wily and unusual characters, each with their own unique points-of-view, voices and personalities. It's written from both a woman and a man's perspective and it's got a few crazy curve balls that keep everyone (including the reader) on their toes. Reviews coming in have been from both men and women, across age groups. So I guess there's something they all have in common: they love "Damn Good Fiction."

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 AMAZING Characters! You'll be dying for Part Two

Complicated Creatures Part One is listed on Amazon as a romantic suspense, but it is also TOTAL ACTION awesome. The characters are well-developed and real - and so incredibly (yes) complicated. The fast-paced action of this book reminds me of Ian Fleming's James Bond - only this James Bond is very strong, hot female named Sam Wyatt. While there are romantic elements to this book, I think that label really limits what this book could be - and I hope they make a movie too. Part Two comes out in the fall, but the author is offering a FREE novella - Complicated Creatures 1.5 - on her webite at Start reading NOW.

 Sexy doesn't even begin to describe it

This was an amazing book. Sam is awesome and Jack is a pain in the ass. I found it really funny how pissed off he got when Sam started to treat him like he did the other women he was with. Right away he was possessive and even went so far as to call one her old lovers and put across that she was not only taken but happy, they weren't even together yet. He is just arrogant.

Sam is one of the sexiest female characters you will ever read about. I hate that she's not real because she kicks ass. She looks out for the people she cares about and her employees. She was an interrogator and travels all over the world to protect people. Now that she's caught Jack;s attention there is no letting go. He is slowly creeping under her defenses but there are things she can't tell him and he's pissed about it. I want to hit him over the head. All in all great read and I cannot wait to read part 2. [by Rain Bass]

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