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Book: Illicit Passion (Royal Command Book 2) by Sarah Stuart

Book Reviews: Illicit Passion (Royal Command Book 2) by Sarah Stuart

categories: Book, Steamy Passion, Celeb Tie-In, Theatre Drama, Historical Link, Wildlife Conservation, Romantic Thriller, Forbidden Love, Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Sarah Stuart

Author Sarah Stuartabout this book: "Complex and enthralling. Loved it" is the title of the first Amazon review on Illicit Passion, and I was thrilled to read it. Much of Illicit Passion is centred on a concert tour of twelve European cities. – I love to travel and it's a great excuse. The rest features Kinloch, the fictional wildlife reserve in Scotland first introduced in Dangerous Liaisons, book one in the Royal Command series. I live in the country and see so many wild animals in their natural habitat, and most of my dogs are rescues that act only if they enjoy the limelight. Some of them are real show-offs! I donate 50% of my royalties to animal charities worldwide.

Illicit Passion features the relationship between Michael and Lisette, an enemy from the past, and their daughter, Harriet, current owner of Margaret Tudor's Book of Hours. Harriet deciphers coded entries made by Lady Harriet Allanach, with dangerous results when she tries to emulate her ladyship in order to follow the queen's command to "find love where ye may". Queen Margaret's words create problems for her twenty-first century heiresses that she could never have dreamed of: her challenge was hiding a lovechild from a king, not keeping secrets of forbidden love from the sensation-hungry paparazzi.

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 A secret love that's no secret anymore?

Lisette Marsh is playing the lead in a smash-hit musical on Broadway. She has the world at her feet until a man from her past appears, intent on blackmail or revenge. Illicit Passion is both a powerful saga of a family's forbidden liaisons and a game of bluff that endangers lives and liberty. Clever, sensual, and intriguing, this is another must-read from Sarah Stuart. [by Diana Fisher]

 Stardom, Blackmail, Incest and Tender Hearts

Jan Sikes

a review by Jan Sikes

I found the plot of this story to take many twists and turns. Each time I thought I had it all figured out, Sarah Stuart took me in a totally different direction.

She has the ability to make all of the characters come alive and even though the heart of the story revolves around incest, she neither condones nor promotes it. She simply weaves it into the story and the deep abiding love that runs through this family is ultimately the strongest bond there can be.

Follow this story as the Book of Hours which has been passed down for generations from Margaret, Queen of Scotland and which the message always prevails - "I beseech thee to find love where you can. Love is a gift of God, not of kings," makes it way into the hands of Harriet who is a product of the incestuous relationship. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, but I will tell you that the plot runs deep and thick with the glitz and glamour of stardom, blackmail and traps, kidnapping, and the price that is paid for love.

 A Star-Spangled Romantic Thriller

Forgiveness on the scale given by some characters to others in this romantic thriller is almost impossible to believe: almost. Sarah Stuart not only shows it believably, she builds a breath-taking story on the premise that it is possible, and that a family with three of its members worldwide celebrities are prepared to join forces to defeat a blackmailer using "leaks" to the paparazzi to force young, beautiful singer, Lisette, to return to a life of misery and torture. Sarah even contrives a shock in the last few lines of the epilogue. [by GoodReadsReader]

 A thrilling heart-breaker you won't put down until The End

Lisette Marsh thinks she's paid off a blackmailer. Instead she confirmed his suspicions are right, she had her father's baby! For two decades she protects him until the man she calls Nem, short for Nemeses, gives her one order too many. Layer upon layer – impossible to outguess – the story twists and turns – love – forgiveness – tragedy – this book has it all. Can't recommend it too much. If I could give it 10 stars I would. [by PrincessCanada]

 Steamy-hot and full of action

I've watched on Goodreads for ages to see if another book by Sarah Stuart had been published - it's been worth the wait! The story grips from the prologue when Lisette is threatened with blackmail & goes on to show the almost crazy plan to defeat the man behind it, & lots more. Steamy hot & full of action - in bed & with guns! Who could ask for more? Not me - except for another must-read by this author. [by Zara-Jo Palmer]

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