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Book: A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash

Book Review: A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash

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Jonell Kirby Cash

Author Jonell Kirby Cashabout this book: This is Katie's and Taylor's love story, high school sweethearts, reunited after the death of both spouses, 40 years later. The two learn how to rid themselves of their old memories and expectations and learn to accept the years of change that has taken place. The story is a blending of families and courting at a senior age of life.

If you have ever wondered if a second chance at love was possible…this book will delight and charm you. Should you be in the midst of a relationship that includes the blending of families, or requires a change in your life, …"A RING, A DANCE, A SECOND CHANCE" will speak to you. It is a slice of life story of love after the age of 60.

Over the years as a college professor, I wrote several books and other shorter works. Then, widowed and in the middle of busy retirement, I married my high school sweetheart, increasing exponentially my family size and complexity. It seemed that people "ate up my time," and age began to take a toll on my energy. But I wasn't ready to settle for the routine, and as I approached the eighth decade of life I became mindful that I had not fulfilled my dream of writing a novel. Then and there, like turning on a dime, I decided to become a serious student of fiction and write a novel that would speak to the fifty-plus year old reader.

My big hurtle was to block out uninterrupted time to write and to give myself permission to use the needed resources (time, money, energy) to get the help I needed to understand the structure of fiction. And I wanted to be part of the give-and-take of the creative writers' community.

I approached what I needed like any self-confident woman would: I hid my, I want uninterrupted time, wish behind my age. I thought, No one expects an eighty-something year old to be available from early till late! This time slot idea was great because I enjoy working into the night—and I also enjoy sleeping my eight hours from the time I go to bed until I get up. I carved out my writing time from about 8pm until around 3am, when the home activities had settled down, and I slept from about 3am until 10:00am or later. (Note: As fate would have it, shortly after our marriage, my husband and I had agreed that we would make our own breakfast.)

My use of money was actually much less a problem at my age than it would have been had I been a young mother with children. Retired and with my own income (and with an agreed upon joint account for our common use) I did not need to account to anyone for my expenditures and I could determine what I could or would spend on my writing activities. For example, I was free to pay a consultant to critique my work if I made that choice. However, being away from home to attend conferences required negotiations and/or making the event a shared experience (which was not always convenient or even comfortable—but it was workable.)

As my writing progressed, and my commitment to my novel became more intense, I did have some internal friction about some things, like not having frequent family gatherings (because preparation and cleaning up afterwards was time consuming), and sometimes I had the feeling that my extended family was unhappy with the way I was using my time; yet, their disapproval (if real) was unspoken and so I pursued my dream knowing that we are living fully when we are pursuing our passion.

Writing the love story about high school sweethearts, who marry more than forty years later, was a personally satisfying experience. Now, I'm looking forward to embarking on my next work of fiction.

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A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash

A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance

 A Love Story for Grown Ups

There is a difference between a love story and a romance novel. A romance novel embellishes dating and private moments between two people. Certainly this can be entertaining to read, but not life inspiring. I found "A Ring A Dance A Second Chance" uplifting and hopeful. I allowed myself to believe that a 2nd chance at love is possible and yet enjoyed the realistic plot of this work of fiction. People who fall in love later in life have to consider grown children, community and extended how refreshingly honest! The book allows romance to bloom in a way that is relatable. I feel that people over 50 are hungry for books about them! I would recommend this book to folks looking for love and for grown children who have parents that are dating. Whether a divorce or the death of a loved one moved you into a chapter of can find hope in your next chapter. Change and evolution are the human condition that is a common current for us all...dare to dance! [by Andrea Williams]

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