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Book: Bound For Barcelona - Breaking Free, The Journey by Marcella Steele

Book Reviews: Bound For Barcelona - Breaking Free, The Journey by Marcella Steele

categories: Book, Contemporary Women's Literature, Interracial Romance, Romance Older Heroine, Single Women, Travel Memoirs, Strong Female Heroine, Dating, Romance Alpha Male, Romance Contemporary, International Relationship, Romantic Erotica


Marcella Steele

Author Marcella Steeleabout this book: This is a story about a woman's journey – my story – created as a fictionalized novel, and as such, will appeal to women readers of most any age. I decided to write about this journey when I took a leap of faith that changed my life. Since it spans over a period of several years, the story became too unwieldy to pack into just one book, so, "Breaking Free, The Journey" is part One. The process of writing it has been intensely emotional (as is the book) and took over two years.

The book casts aside the concept of genre classification, and thus, is quite a unique blend. It includes an intensely passionate romance with some surprising twists and turns, but does not fit the criteria or expectations of a book placed in that genre. It pulls the reader in and holds attention because its themes/characters are authentic, relatable and believable. It speaks to the real issues women face and raises the questions: How does one navigate and survive the trials of dating (especially in mid-life)? How do you start over after divorce and child rearing? Is a relationship between an older woman and younger man viable? Does one guard one's heart, or risk it all for love and passion? Would you dare to pole vault over obstacles to realize a dream?

I designed the cover to capture the settings and one of the themes in the book. The word "Bound" encapsulates several meanings throughout the book, one of which is the titillating use of bondage within a consensual, loving, sexual relationship. It definitely adds an extra layer of excitement in the story.

I wrote this story in hopes that the reader will in some way be inspired. Possibly to embrace a passionate life, dare to dream, or take that leap of faith.

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 In this story, I cheer for the heroine, the plot it's very contemporary

Bound for Barcelona, a younger man – mature woman, love-story that it's as sensuous and erotic, as suave and romantic, with the challenges of still a different twist, when a man is building his life and a woman has done all, and now wants to live and enjoy her identity. [by Sonia Digat]

 Captivating, lose yourself in a journey to find love, and ultimately ones self.

In her debut novel, Bound for Barcelona: Breaking Free The Journey, fresh new author Marcella Steele has written a book that spans genres and explores what life and love are like for readers just like me; women of that ‘certain age’. Women who feel love and loss, women who struggle to find balance, and women who push against the boundaries with which society wishes to encase them.

The author has an approachable and compelling way with words, and I found myself lost in the landscape of her story, and entangled in the emotional web of her characters. I would laugh and cry with Elena, and worry alongside her choices, those I wish she had made and those I wish she hadn't. Elena became a best friend who I wanted to help guide and support. I wished I could help her see the beauty in herself, and help her shrug off the confines societey placed on her. And most of all I wish I could have helped Ethan realize the depth of his loss and the pain his immaturity and ambivilence has caused.

This story speaks to all of us who approach acceptance, love and dating in our later years. The game is different, and yet not so different. We feel we should no longer need to play, and yet we find ourselves playing. May we all find the inner strength that Elena does, cut the ties that bind us, and break free. [by A fellow traveler]

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