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Book: Elysian Dreams - Where the Past Meets the Present by B.J. Neblett

Book Reviews: Elysian Dreams - Where the Past Meets the Present by B.J. Neblett

categories: Book, Time Travel, Mars, Philadelphia, Prohibition, Gangasters, Mythology, Dreams, Portal, 1920's, Fantasy, Romantic Adventure


BJ Neblett

Author BJ Neblettabout this book: Have you ever met someone who speaks of the past in that 'certain way', a way that brings goose bumps and makes you feel as if they have lived their words? A mysterious distant great uncle... an intriguing stranger you meet on the bus... a favorite history teacher... If you could live anywhere, any time, any dimension, what would you chose?

A wise man once said, "Be careful of what you wish... for it just might come true." Perhaps Professor Collin Crowly, lovely Angelina Caliopia Moira, and teenage Marsha Hunt should take that advice to heart. Each is seeking their destiny; each is searching their dreams; and each longs to find their place in the universe. As the lives of the three disparate individuals continues to inexplicably cross, each will find answers to question perhaps best left unasked.

My first novel after a lifetime writing short stories of Fantastic Literature, Elysian Dreams, like the title itself, is an ethereal fantasy; a romantic adventure transporting the reader across space and time, and deep within one's own reverie. Part fiction, part history lesson, the locations, the dates, the streets, the buildings, the events, the action and the cast of background characters are all real. Only the final destination remains an intangible phantom... like the ghosts of a waking dreamer... like the Id within us all.

But like all dreamers, we do eventually return to our dreams. And sometimes they are even fulfilled. Look for the sequel to Elysian Dreams, The Amber People, early 2014!

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 A Wild Ride

You have to stick with it, but the pay off is well worth the investment. Neblett takes his readers from the gritty streets of prohibition era Philadelphia to the year 2000. And then he leads us... into space! Along the way we meet fascinating, multidimensional (pun intended) characters that intrigue and astound us at every turn. And, at every turn, Neblett's character's paths continue to cross, their lives intermingling with unexpected results. Elysian Dreams is a fun, easy read. And when you feel yourself asking, "Wait, did I miss something?" just turn the page! It all comes together beautifully, like a multifaceted diamond, in a very enjoyable read. My only question is, "What happens next?" There has got to be a sequel. [by Cynthia]


This is a great book made even better by the author's attention to detail. I have to admit I was a bit confused at first but soon it all came together in great, what happens next fashion. My favorite part was the extremely detailed and fully believable civilization created by the author. If there is life on Mars I am sure this is exactly how it would be. Enjoyable read for all ages. [by Tami J]

 Enjoyable Fun Book

This is a very enjoyable, fun book. It is an easy read which I like and it keeps you guessing which I also like. It made me wanting to know what happened to Marsha and her mom so I hope there is a follow up book. I recommended this book to my friends and my English teacher and three of them liked it also. [by Pat D]

 Great Book

This is a great book from a great new author. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good read, and look forward to more from this author. [by Tom]

 Enjoyable Read

I enjoyed this book very much. It can sometimes be a bit confusing but if you just keep reading you understand and it all makes sense. The book doesn't really end so I hope there is another. I want to know what happens. [by Cyndi]

 Page Turner

I love original books that grab your interest and hold tight. This book is impossible to put down. Neblett takes fun characters and deftly places them into incredible, yet somehow fully believable situations. Highly recommended! [by Kevin]

 Original Fiction For Everyone

No vampires. No ware-wolfs. No sadistic cops. No hard luck PIs. No superheros. No computer criminals. No forensics. No end of the world prophecy... in other words... Elysian Dreams is a VERY refreshing original piece of literature from an original new writer. BJ Neblett manages to skillfully weave fictional characters in and out of historical settings and fantastic fantasy in exciting and believable prose. I'd rate this great new novel from this terrific new author PG-13 for its few brief scenes of violence. But I'd highly recommend Elysian Dreams to anyone who enjoys vivid locations, believable characters and original stories. Great writing is not dead! [by Emilie]

 Master storyteller

BJ Neblett may be the only writer to juxtapose Prohibition-era Philadelphia with an Amish community. This gives new meaning the the adage that you have to understand the past in order to make sense of the present. [by AK]


BJ Neblett is a modern day writer in the fashion of Fitzgerald, with touches of Hemingway and a side order of Rod Serling. It is refreshing to see a writer who takes his craft, (and his characters, settings, plot, etc) seriously. I look forward to more from this modern day master. [by Edward]

 Great Book

This was a wonderful and thrilling read! Elysian Dreams can easily be considered literary historical fiction. Characters are fresh and original, and there are enough twists and unexpected plot turns to keep even the most finicky reader happy. I highly recommend Elysian Dreams to fans of adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, literary and romantic fiction. [by Marcie]

 Excellent Read

I enjoyed Elysian Dreams very much. I found myself so caught up in it I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the sequel to come out! I will be sure to read it! [by Lisa]

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