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Book: Mountains of Dawn by Rene Natan

Book: Mountains of Dawn by Rene Natan

categories: Book, Love, Crime, Betrayal, Painting, Explosions, Wineries, Old Nobility, Fraternal Love, Kidnapping, Blackmail, Romance


Rene Natan

Author Rene Natanabout this book: When I was poor, nobody bothered me; now that I have money they try to kill me. This is Tanya Caldwell's thought after the third attempt on her life. Orphan at the age of six, Tanya has been shuffled from foster home to foster home until majority age, when an unexpected trust fund comes to light. Talented in the arts, painting especially, Tanya is unrolled at McKenzie University and is almost ready to graduate when the police of Vermeil, Ontario, strongly advised her to leave town. They have plenty of suspects concerning who tried to kill her, in fact, but they cannot make any arrest. It is dangerous for her to stay in town. Since, together with the trust fund, she has come into possession of an old mansion on the Italian Riviera, Tanya packs easel, canvas, pencils and palette and crosses the ocean. She hopes her pursuers would lose sight of her. On the advice of a company specialized in the protection of citizens, she takes with her two retired policemen as bodyguards, Charles and Edda.

Drawing inspiration from the spectacular countryside of the Riviera, she sketches and paints, ready to ship her submission to an upcoming competition that is going to take place in Canada. Life on the Riviera is not without distraction, though, as she has a short romance with a publisher of art books, Kevin Matwin, and does meet up with an Italian Count with suspicious international connections and serious clout.

But the bad guys are active too. They routinely target business people in the town of Vermeil but they also have tentacles that reach across the Atlantic. And so another attempt on Tanya's life is soon in the making.

How did I build Tanya's character?

Since Tanya was going to be the main character, I gave her latitude—this means some good qualities and some faults. So, Tanya is a talented painter, a fact that opens the door to a scholarship and to making friends with other artists and publishers of art books; she also naive and prone to trust people without questioning. And this, of course, crates openings for whoever wants her dead.



• Review of Rene Natan's Mountain of Dawns, by Frank Mundo, poet
"Mountain of Dawns is far more thrilling than romantic in that sense. But the "romantic" element, if anything, is linked more to a type of storytelling made famous by "sentimental" writers of the past, writers such as Harriet Beecher Stowe or the Bronte sisters, and not the modern, escapist bologna that titillated housewives hide under their mattresses."

• From Hedi Kummer, Besazio, Switzerland
"Natan's novels are among the best. Suspense, twists, romantic situations and adventure offer hours of very enjoyable reading!"

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