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Book: Goodbye Brooklyn by Annette Fabian Winter

Book Reviews: Goodbye Brooklyn by Annette Fabian Winter

categories: Book, Humor, Adventure, Mystery, Intriguing, Caribbean, Kooky Characters, Brooklyn, Rainbow Marriage, Romance


Annette Fabian Winter

Author Annette Fabian Winterabout this book: "Goodbye Brooklyn" is humorous, mysterious and intriguing. It has been well received by all who have read it. Who cannot identify with the dilemmas of difficult parents, racial antagonisms and feeling lost in an alien Caribbean island environment? It is a romance between two from very different backgrounds. A lower middle class white gal from Brooklyn and a young black guy from a wealthy Manhattan family, neither equipped to face a place which though beautiful, involves the threat of impending murder. But, most of all it is a romance between two who have very different outlooks on life. Think Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Throughout the book one wonders can the realist and the dreamer love each other in the most difficult of circumstances.

My first year of marriage was completely different than what I imagined that for years I have experienced so many life's little events that I have been mentally laughing about. I believe I can appeal to almost all generations with the exception of the the age group under 30. Although the story in the novel uses real characters (names changed), some of the actual events in the book are real. The book cover is an actual photo of my husband and I showing the event of leaving Brooklyn in order to build a catamaran on one of the Caribbean islands.

Should you read my book, I hope you will have many laughs, sometime tears and some frightful moments as the intrigue on the island evolves.

Thank you - Annette Fabian Winter

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 Goodbye Brooklyn

Annette Winter's Goodbye Brooklyn is an exciting tale of action and romance that caught me in its grip on the very first page and never let go. Jumping from New York to a mysterious and dangerous Caribbean island and back again, it offers non-stop adventure while at the same time providing fascinating and perceptive insights into aspects of race and class. Don't miss it!

 Goodbye Brooklyn ... Hello What ???

A savvy white gal from Brooklyn falls for an innocent black guy from Manhattan, whose conned by a devious therapist into going to work for his crazy ex-patient, carpenter, who lives on a remote Caribbean island. The new hubby, a dreamer, believing he can build his life-long desire a 30 foot trimaran. The new bride, a realist is afraid of what lies ahead. The book, a mixture of humor, mystery, sadness and bizarre characters is a wild ride into the unknown. The antics encountered were so outlandish that I found myself laughing out loud throughout the book. Ms. Winter is a great new find. More Annette, please! I highly recommend Goodbye Brooklyn.

 Goodby Brooklyn. This one will make the 200 ounce soda look tame Mr. mayor

Goodby Brooklyn is as wild and free as a tropical storm on the heroine's island paradise. The lovers are innocent to the point of teenybopper girls at a Rolling Stones party. They fall prey to a range of characters that vary from a psychiatric fraud who comes close to being a living cliche to a sociopathic kook that Charley Manson would admire. It reads fast and has laughs and situations that could only be conjured up by a girl from Brooklyn. Give it the five stars and throw in Haley's comet.

 Can this Marriage be Saved

An entertaining book about a wildly mixed marriage. Good picture of the parental attitudes on both sides of the marriage. There is a lot of humor brought to the contemplation of this unconventional couple and the hint of menace and mystery when the couple moves to a Caribbean Island adds a dash of suspense. The bad guys bring new meaning to the word sinister.

 Goodbye Brooklyn

Having just finished reading Annette Fabian Winter's novel, Goodbye Brooklyn, I want to start all over again from page one. Annie, our heroine, follows the love of her life, Wally, to a Caribbean island, with the intent of building a boat alongside a master craftsman, Spencer by name. From here on Ms. Winter weaves a delightful story with all the elements of which fine novels are made: intrigue, romance, mystery, all told with touches of humor that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. [by Louise Goodman]

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