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Book: Love Unrequited - A Lament for Love by Vivian E. Moore

Book Reviews: Love Unrequited - A Lament for Love by Vivian E. Moore

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Vivian E. Moore

Author Vivian E. Mooreabout this book: The story is centered on Analise Christion a young woman who'd suffered much heartache in her life beginning with a father who refused to acknowledge her existence. Impoverished and raised by a single mother, Ana still managed to beat the odds. Graduating college she embarked upon a satisfying career and the promise of marriage. However, her fiancee' Braxton developed cold feet leaving Ana with a bad taste in her mouth for relationships. Yet her best friend Katura had a remedy for that, inviting her out for a night on the town, a new club in the heart of Atlanta, Benoit's. Submerged in the ambiance Ana was unaware that she's being watched, catching the attention of the Latino club owner Benoit Ponce a man who is very handsome intriguing and shrouded in secrets. Ignoring his advances, she never imagined seeing him again until a chance meeting lands them face to face. Forgetting her past relationship Ana decides to give love another try. At the height of their budding romance; despite Ana discovering what real love is, the importance of religion and family from Benoit,his past starts to catch up with him. His predicament leaves him torn realizing if he tells Ana the truth about himself, then he stood the chance of losing her forever.

A dream that would not go away forced me to put it to paper. I knew if it captured my attention then I knew it would also attract other women and young adults as well. There are so many images of unrequited love in this story so the title was derived from that.I chose the cover so my readers could use their own imagination instead of the usual sexy cookie cutter patterns. Because Love Unrequited is so much more than just that.

Working eight hour days and trying to cram eight hours of thought into only a few hours per day proved to be my biggest challenge for writing the book.

My research consisted of facts about Puerto Rico, it's culture and foods.

I learned what trust and faith and flexability really means and how if you can bend just a little you're lest likely to break. That surprised me because after fifteen years of marriage I thought I knew it all. However, if I only knew then what I do now I think I could've squeezed a few more years from my marriage.

I'd like to impart to my readers the true definition of love, and not the industries standard. I want them to know what it means to follow your own heart and rules for love. To not be afraid of desire and allow it to overtake but not overwhelm you. To learn to take less and give more of yourself. I'd like them to laugh at the humor but also recognize the seriousness of love.

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Heard about a book party for this author. I went because a friend invited me along, the event was very good and nice prizes were awarded. My friend won a free book stub, and gave it to me because she'd already read the book. Reluctantly I downloaded it and must say I was exceedingly surprised about Love Unrequited. This book is very inspiring very spiritual and emotional. I felt as though I was on my own personal journey as it taught me how to respect love and all that it entails. This book is so brilliantly laid out and anchored soundly in God and explores the many different facets of religion and how it effects and sometimes controls us. So glad I went to the party, downloaded the book and most importantly read it.


This book was a good read. It's not just another romance novel, instead as the book goes deeper than that. It's filled with life lessons and experiences that the reader can either relate to or either learn from it. The book is basically how Ana and Bennie had met each other and started their journey on getting to know each other, which they eventually become soul mates. However, Bennie had some secrets. As their love is put to the test, can they maneuver through it? The book makes you laugh, strengthens your faith, put you on the verge of shedding a tear or more, teach you about unconditional love, and so on. [by Cecil]

 The Cheapskate

First I need to confess that I didn't buy this book a friend told me about it and lent me their Kindle so I could read it. The reason why, was because I was unfamiliar with the author and really skeptical about writers I'm unfamiliar with. So, read the book thinking it was a typical romance but that wasn't the case at all. I loved it from start to finish. It's a mixture of romance, mystery, scifi, spiritual you name it like a great Gumbo, it's in there. Okay so not only am I gonna redeem myself by actually purchasing the book for my own collection, but I'm buying copies to give as gifts for my friends. [by Linda Morrow]

 Unexpected Pleasure

The epilogue of this book leads you to believe that it's a story about religion. Of course that caught my attention. But as I read further I discovered something totally unexpected. This book explores religion but it also tells a story of brokenness, forgiveness, and salvation. It's more than a romance because it shows how Christ is so important in any relationship, especially our daily walk. This story is one of awake fullness in discovering ones self and how when we open our hearts and cleanse our souls of all the things holding us down, it turns Love Unrequited into fulfilled love. If you desire a spiritual journey then you definitely want to read this book.

 I Want One Of These!

Ok after reading Love Unrequited, it left me thinking my man really better step it up or he's getting upgraded. Bennie wow! Is all I can say. Ana is a very lucky girl. I fell in love with this story and if I had a love like this one I'd fight for it too. Two very big thumbs up for the story and to the writer.

 Hopeful Dreamer

I so loved this book 2 tha end I'm going 2 read it again n again! I hopen pray I meet a man just half of who Bennie is I have faith that I will! This book will make u laugh, cry n a great way. Once u read it u will understand where I'm coming from. A must read book.

 Drama and romantic entwine

This was an awesome book. It keeps you on the edge as well gives you some romantic. I didn't want the book to end! Thinking about reading it again. This is a must read! [by Stephanie]

 Hopeless Romantic

I loved this book from beginning to end. The characters are so believable and the topic is so relevant. I loved Ana and Bennie they worked very well together almost forgot they were only characters in the story. I'd recommend this book to anyone searching for that perfect read. So find your most comfy spot and let Love Unrequited whisk you away to the exciting ATL and the sunny sandy beaches of Puerto Rico.

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