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Book: Sandbox - A Novel by Kim Pemberton

Book Reviews: Sandbox - A Novel by Kim Pemberton

categories: Book, Contemporary, Fiction, Drama, Baru Masort, Franchman, Romance


Kim Pemberton

Author Kim Pembertonabout this book: Sandbox is a fiction Novel about a Frenchman Baru Masort arriving in New York City to become a paramedic. While settling in, his life dream was to become a video game creator to make extra income and have his business to grow. Baru met numerous women (plus married to an American woman to get his green card), but things was not going great like he wanted to be. Baru thought he was happy, but he was disappointed and depressed for what he saw on the Internet.

• What inspired you to write this book?
I loved writing. People told me I was a good storytelling and knows how to put it together. My professor in college told me I have a gift of storytelling. During my free time, I sat on my kitchen at night, while my family were sleeping, I need some quiet time. The inspiration writing this book was when my ex-boyfriend sending me hurtful email letters over the years with poor grammar and discrimination about myself. His letters made me creating the story and naming it Sandbox.

• How long did it take to write it?
It took me two years to write Sandbox. I had to create and put ideas for the story. I usually write at night to keep my mind in focus to complete 5-8 pages a night.

• How did you come up with the title?
Sandbox was a main name for the character. Baru Masort and the woman he was involved in the past were in the box full of sand and looking all at one another. I was a little off on the title and I didn't want to have it change. Baru has his ups and downs and was very confused of moving forward and trapped in the sandbox.

• Why did you choose this cover?
I was working with one of CreateSpace members with my cover. He saw the title and read the bio of the book. The gentleman created the cover, send me a photo, and I fell in love with it. He did a great job with my cover book.

• What was the hardest part of writing your book?
My hardest part writing this book was putting it together to make it a story for each chapter. I wanted to make at least 10 pages for each chapter and make the characters communicate more in the story. I could not focus during the day in my writing because I work in freelance production and spending time with my family.

• Did you do research for your book?
I did research on paramedic facilities in training schools, knowing how to create a digital video games online (Grand Theft Auto), viewing parts/streets of France, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Jamaica Island. I took photos to view the images to bring in the story in the book.

• Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
I learned a lot creating a book. I worked all night trying to complete this book and feel challenging and made my goal. I did so much traveling from one place to another for research, conversations, interviewing, and street attractions. I attended writing workshops and group events to asked advice to write a book. I'm hoping to do more traveling and working on my second book.

• What do you want to say to your readers?
If you love hot drama, sex, and romance, Sandbox is the book for you to read.

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 Kim Pemberton Knows Drama

The best book I'd read. Kim Pemberton knows how to spike up the story. When she did an interview about her book when her ex abused her, I want to kill him myself. The Baru Masort person in real life is a jerk. Keep writing, Kim. [by K.S.]

 Love it

Love it. Kim Pemberton is a great storyteller. Cannot wait for her next book comes out, "The Pooky and the Charlie." Love the character Baru Masort always getting into trouble. [by Lisa]

 The drama is Intriguing

I love the whole Baru Masort drama in this book with his childless and self emotions. Love the last chapter. Can't wait for the second book to come out. [by P.A.]

 Love the story

The best book I've read. I love the drama of the story. Baru Masort was a very depressing person living in New York City life. I loved the last chapter was very opening. I give it 5 stars. [by Dina Jacobs]

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