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Book: The Penance List - The David Trilogy by S C Cunningham

Book Review: The Penance List - The David Trilogy by S C Cunningham

categories: Book, Thriller, Murder, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Erotica, Football, Sex, Psychotic, Chic Lit, Fun, Drama, Revenge


SC Cunningham

Author SC Cunninghamabout this book: BASIC INSTINCT meets SEX & THE CITY meets AMERICAN PSYCHO
If he couldn't have her, no one would.

Fun-loving career girl Tara and her glamorous girlfriends, Helen and Josie meet regularly for mischievous girlie lunches to discuss their disastrous love lives, men, men and more men. If they just looked out the window of the restaurant, they would see a powerful camera lens focused on their every move… Click, Click … Click, Click… The riotous threesome are on a psychotic killers death list, but too busy juggling their chaotic private lives to notice.

Advertising executive Tara Warr is having an illicit affair with her high profile client, aristocratic Italian football star, Franco Rossellini. Bored wealthy heiress, Helen Howard, is affirmation shagging anything with a pulse. City-girl Josie James is not a City-girl, she is a high class hooker exhausted with the lies of leading a double-life… will the girls still love her when they know the truth?

The friends have no idea that they and their lovers are on David Howard's revenge list, that their world of irreverent fun is about to be shattered by an abused choirboy, avenging a childhood sweetheart.

Male or female, the sexual tour de force David enjoys wreaking havoc, indulging his carnal appetite, first with his sister Helen's boyfriend, Seb Maloney, a roguishly attractive (in the closet) photographer and then with her best friend, Tara, whom he prises away from her lover, footballing heartthrob, Franco.

Understand the boy, but fear the man - David was not always evil, the grown-ups made him this way. From the age of seven to seventeen he went to an all-boys boarding school, where his beauty and vulnerability were a curse, everybody wanted a piece of the cute little choirboy. The only place he found solace was in the school science lab, where dissecting small creatures gave him the secure god-like feel of control over his own body.

He lost his virginity to the headmaster, his trust to the devil, his heart to his sister's best friend and his loving mother to a fatal car crash. Alone and scared, pretty boy David finally cracked.

Promising revenge, he adapts to the abuse, and quickly learns how to use the power of his sexual attraction to advantage. Sex and brute force become his weapons of choice, attaining what and whoever he wants. The control kick is addictive; when busy hurting others his shame subsides. A killer is grown.

Using inherited monies, stealth like cunning and a vivid imagination he keeps one step ahead of the police, hunting those responsible for his damage. The retribution murders start.


In my early twenties I crossed the path of a brutal serial attacker, helping police with their enquiries, he evaded capture for many years, blighting the lives of many girls alond the way. Looking into this man's eyes I asked the question, where had this evil come from, how did he get this way? The fictional protagonist for my David Trilogy was born. At the time I had been living the shallow fun existence of a model, little did I know that such evil existed. I wrote the book as a warning to others to look over their shoulder and follow their instincts, evil can step into our lives at any time. A sub message is taking a look at how evil men come to being, be careful how we treat out children.

I have been lucky enough to work in some sexy industries, modeling, film, music, football, golf, celebrity management (sport stars & musicians), and incorporate work experiences into my books, giving them authenticity. Because I love a good entertaining read, I add a cocktail mix of observational laughter, great sex, intrigue and mystery, taking my readers on a rollercoaster ride - hitting all the senses.


My readers love crossing genres, being entertained on many levels - thriller, laughter, sex. They are a wide reaching wonderful supportive bunch of people, am blessed.

Male/Female, 18 -80 yrs, International - mainly USA and UK, straight, gay, lesbian, metro, thriller/crime/drama lovers, football lovers, and fashionistas.


Book I - THE PENANCE LIST - Seductive DAVID HOWARD is obsessed with fun loving city-girl TARA WARR, her lovers, friends and workmates are in his way, but not for long. Revenge, betrayal, kidnap, murder... and he's just getting started. How much blood before schoolboy lust is sated?

Book II - UNFINISHED BUSINESS - What happens when feisty TARA WARR has had enough running, when she turns the tables on her stalker and gives him a taste of his own medicine? Watch out DAVID HOWARD, there is no telling what a woman will do when she is no longer afraid of death.

Book III - FOR MY SINS - On its way.

Siobhan Cunningham writes about the worlds she has lived and worked in, giving authority and authenticity to her characterization and story-line, a rare blast of fresh air in the world of fiction. From cunning killers, to deceitful friends, from god-like sportsmen to hell-bound priests, from the British press to childhood secrets, the underbelly of London to the stunning Amalfi Coast... David rules, and is here to stay.

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David on David

SC Cunningham

a comment by SC Cunningham

Thank you Ask David, it is fitting that THE DAVID TRILOGY be on your site, keep up the great work and thank you for helping promote bad boy DAVID.

Siobhan, Author of THE DAVID TRILOGY (The Penance List, Unfinished Business, For My Sins)

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