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Book: Retirement is Recess for Grown-Ups - When the Bell Rings Will You be Ready? by Jim Collier

Book: Retirement is Recess for Grown-Ups - When the Bell Rings Will You be Ready? by Jim Collier

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Jim Collier

Author Jim Collierabout this book: The window of opportunity to financial independence doesn't open by itself.

No one, including your employer or the federal government, is secretly contributing to a GoFundMe account reserved to pay for your retirement years—a period that could last longer than all the years you worked for a living. To realize your retirement dreams, you must take charge of your financial future if you wish to re-create your life and enjoy the benefits of the financially empowered—doing what you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want.

What are your retirement dreams? Endless travel, spending more time with the grand kiddos, starting a new business, taking on new hobbies and interests, volunteering, and community service—these are a few of the popular responses I have heard to this question. Retirement lifestyle aspirations are as varied as the people who dream them. But they all share one thing in common: A goal without a plan and the persistence to obtain it will forever remain just a dream.

This book, Retirement Is Recess for Grown-Ups, is all about encouraging you to seek and obtain financial independence on your terms. Regardless of your current age, net worth, or retirement-age goal, you can improve chances of experiencing a life free from financial worry by following the simple planning directions in this book.

The author, Jim Collier, has a gift for taking complex financial issues and breaking them down into easy-to-follow steps. His invaluable experience as a thirty-two-year retirement-planning adviser and his recent journey from business owner to retirement participant provides a wealth of practical experience and a sincere empathy for the emotional challenges of retirement.

"I was well suited to pick financial planning as a career focus at a young age. I've always had a keen interest in financial topics and enjoy teaching others how to employ them in their lives. As a client-facing financial professional, I loved going to work every day," says Jim. After completing a business succession with his longtime business partner and son, Brandon, Jim now enjoys a new passion—writing full-time about retirement-planning topics and speaking to groups and associations about his experiences. As Jim likes to say, "I'm not retired, I'm at recess!"

In this book, Jim blends both traditional and modern retirement-planning exercises to engage readers to successfully launch their retirement dreams and keep them afloat on the sea of their longevity.

Topics include the following:

Creating your own lifestyle vision plan to help you discover your purpose beyond your career life in seven areas of a multidecade retirement. Don't leave work without this.

Completing a simple but revealing Retirement Income Security Killers (RISK) assessment. This unique exercise provides a preemptive strike on potential RISKs before they threaten your financial independence.

Evaluating effectively while searching for a financial adviser using Jim's seven Cs—characteristics of an ideal retirement-planning fiduciary.

Bonus: Download a sixty-plus-page workbook, The Retirement Homework Workbook, designed to help you complete the assigned homework exercises presented in the textbook. This workbook is free and is available only to those who have purchased Retirement Is Recess for Grown-Ups.

Final word: As both a career financial adviser and retirement participant, I know firsthand about the financial and emotional challenges of planning for a period of time that could last longer than all the years you have worked for a living. I wrote this book to provide a noncommercial, entertaining, and easy-to-follow discussion about the required financial and emotional planning exercises necessary to those who wish to join me on the fabulous retirement-recess playgrounds that await your arrival.

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