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Book: The Golden Fleece Found by Basil C. Hill

Book Reviews: The Golden Fleece Found by Basil C. Hill

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 Best Source of Missing ... History

If I were to list the many subsets of history that true academic researchers yearn for globally, this book would have to be in the top 10 of all time research books. Best for locating all seed of Abraham and their descendants. Best source of missing early Christian church history; best decoder of "Bereshith" or Genesis; Best Decoder of Hebrew Kaballistic secrets; Best and only book I have read so far that explains NOT ONLY why the Holocaust and Trans Atlantic Slave Trade were initiated (according to many prior prophecies) but also more importantly, where many of the concealed "remnant" had moved to--according to prior prophecies as well.

I do not believe that Christian establishment churches love this book because it points to a meta-code that reveals prophecies about erroneous teachings and errant forms of Christianity that would ferment along a Babylonian slant away from the Hebrew origins and pure teachings of early Christianity--until a specific time frame.

As someone wrote on Amazon's website, The Golden Fleece Found is a serious no-nonsense, readable research book, compiled in the format of a suspense novel. This book is for serious researchers of the following: Missing Hebrew history; Missing Tribes of Israel history; Vetting of questionable spiritual doctrines according to a meta-code that the Lodges and Secret Societies held sacrosanct for years and much much more. [by Dr. James Olson]

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 Serious Book of Immediate Prophetic Importance

I bought this book two years ago to read on vacation. I picked up the book again today. I am at page 242, Chapter 20b. "Preview of the Final Antichrist." Had I not read that chapter just before going to Australia, perhaps even I would have been snared by the spell of this man. THE FINAL ANTICHRIST IS HERE and currently ensnaring people in Australia. Please either read this chapter online first and Google "Man claims to Be Jesus Christ The Messiah living in Australia ." After you have listened to this man, formerly a David Miller, then do like I did and buy "The Golden Fleece Found" by Basil C. Hill. This "serious book of prophetic importance" could not have been more precise in describing this man...all according to Revelations 18. [by Uri Fields]

 Excellent Interfaith Research for All Seed of Abraham...Great, Great, Great, Great Book

A few years ago I met an Imam who said that when an arrogant leader from the Occident stirs up such hate among Abraham's seed that the disputed land of Transjordan/Canaan is surrounded by bloodshed, it is the beginning of a specific prophetic season. What season I asked, and he said the season when the last words the angel spoke to Hagar would be revealed. The only other thing he ever said on the matter was that the prophetic countdown would begin when we see the dismantling of the pagan doctrine of the Trinity. That was at least 10 years ago.

I just bought "The Golden Fleece Found" online from That work not only shows the entire prophetic blueprint of: 1. Solomon's Temple, its etched (coded) prophecies and historic fulfillment, 2. not only the disbursement of Abraham's seed, our beliefs, our antagonists and religious differences but also how the aforementioned fulfill prior prophecies. 3. Template previewing how erroneous translations of God's Word are the root causes of "MOST CURRENT RELIGIOUS CONFLICTS" and different religious expressions. 4. Of quotes by Moshe' (Moses) when God told him He is neither a man, nor the Son of Man.

Since only a man can be an Imam or a priest, and God is, was and always will be Spirit, the erroneous side works of Noetus —Roman framer of the doctrine of the Trinity—are weighed in the balance and found wanting. The most amazing revelation for me is Gabriel's "Message to Hagar." [by Terry Ali]

 Just About the Best Scholarly Commentary on Genesis and Other Great Gems. Brilliant!

This is one of the first religious books that establishes that the sequences of time in Genesis were generational time periods by portraying the Universe as a constructed time piece--a giant clock. Also by using Abraham's family as a model, we understand more fully that Cain and Abel also had sisters but according to ancient customs of listing clans by the names of male siblings, the females were not recorded. This book offers just about the best commentary of Genesis, clarifying much confusion regarding the time sequences and the early population of the earth. Anyone who ever wondered what types of information could have been destroyed at the Library of Alexandria need to read the translated Hebrew texts of the Torah brought into play by the author to affirm that deluge survivors left evidence in stone that they searched for the Messiah as well. I was very impressed with the revelation that the Torah, the Bible and the Holy Koran all revered Jeshua. This book introduced the main key or wedge that separated all three faiths. I will paraphrase and break up the wedge in sections. 1. Can anyone other than a man be a priest? 2. Can anyone other than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob accept our sacrifices for sins? 3. Is Jesus Christ the sacrifice or sacrifice and recipient? This author helped me greatly by answering a question that troubled me for years: what would happen to my sacrifice if part 3b is the answer.

Every serious Bible researcher, student of religious history, every Muslim scholar, every Hebrew scholar should purchase this book to see what God's original holy template could and should look like and wonder like I did: are the divisiveness among all of God's children demonically-engineered? This book answers that question unambiguously. Absolutely brilliant! [by Elijah Caleb]

 This Book Is The Best Emotional Tonic For A Person's Relationship, Family And Soul.

I really love this book. "The Golden Fleece Found" is the first serious book I read that ever caused me to fall off by chair with hysterical laughter in one chapter, and then crawl into self examination in the next. It is not lacking in wisdom, by any means. I fully recommend it: "This book is the best emotional tonic for a person's relationship, family, and the soul." [by Jamion Parris M.D.]

 Wisdom Above 30°

Carl Sagan fans and Erik Von Daniken fans will love this book. Excellent Research. This book takes customs from ancient civilizations. Instead of assuming that the writings and ceremonies are primitive, based on the observed burial customs, the author places the ceremonies in specific stellar or solar epochs and what a host of new information that surfaces. The new evidence explains how they were able to use the Vernal Equinox as a central celebratory theme. There are not enough stars to rate this book. It is years ahead of its time.

 This Book is for Persons Who Love Intellectual Debates, and Those Who Argue on One Side or the Other Whether God Exists

This writer has to be a prophet. The first time I read the book, I scanned quickly. The second time, I went over every detail and was amazed at the way the author reveals new information, references prior prophecies, and then overlays the fulfillment. By using what I call subtle grafts, and weaving strands using known recorded history, where data is either lost or unknown, not only is he able to fit in many missing pieces, but he is also able to use the data from revealed codes to cement his thesis.

Since I bought the book six months ago, every time I open the page on my second reading, whatever I am reading about is in the news. This book is for persons who love intellectual debates, and those who argue on one side or the other whether God does or does not exist. "The author has to be a prophet, or he is exceptionally brilliant, or both.

 The Leaders of Every Nation Need to Buy and Read This Book

Leaders of every religious order and ministry need to read this book in its entirety. Persons who believe there is no God need to read this book. Those who believe: they need to read this to find out why we who serve a God of harmony are in so much strife and disharmony. The fantastic thing about this book is that the author shows us how history confirms events that God decreed would happen to the seed of people who had been generationally disobedient.

This book is timely; this is one of the first to offer a comprehensive dossier about spiritual rivers beneath nations, institutions, and families using prior prophecies and revealed codes to explain and affirm "TRUTH", and the source of blocking energies. I wonder how many persons really understand the extent and magnitude of forces that control seats of authority - especially the religious ones. This is a book that teaches people how to become mentally, financially and spiritually mature and secure - in their homes, marriages and nations.

 This is Like a Dictionary for All Types of Unanswered Religious Questions!

There are religious questions I have wrestled with for years. I gave up on finding answers for them. However, deep down I felt this universe was too intricately designed to throw humans in as a footnote. I happened upon search words "Library of Alexandria" as a possible source of missing data, and this book was recommended. When a book starts out by listing some of the hardest questions (that have stumped educators) in the first chapter, along with promises to disclose the answers, automatically I flipped through. I found, not only plausible and intelligent answers, but new storerooms - ancient codes.

Any book that can only spare one page to recap the history of the world because of the amount of yet-to-be revealed information, is either the work of a crackpot or the work of a genius. I got my old pieces of paper with unanswered questions and crossed them off one by one. This book is going to be relevant for a long time: it is like a dictionary for unanswered religious questions, more so because it points to formerly unknown storerooms of wisdom. I am very impressed with this work.

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