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Book: Eternity - Is Just A Step Across The Threshold by Maxwell Kobina Acquah

Book: Eternity - Is Just A Step Across The Threshold by Maxwell Kobina Acquah

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Maxwell Kobina Acquah

Author Maxwell Kobina Acquahabout this book: A. Eternity Is Just A Step Across The Threshold - Reviewed by Amos Rao

I have just finished reading the book 'Eternity' written by Christine Hillier and edited by Maxwell Kobina Acquah.

In our age of modernity and our seemingly endless races against meaningless, it is a good thing to be reminded what matters most. This is especially true for believers of YHWH (Jehovah).

The contents of the book are written in simple proses, which can be easily comprehend and be completed within an hour of leisure read. The author and editor of 'Eternity' have made a timely reminder to believers of the faith on two things:

1) "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matt 4:17)

2) "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." (Matt 9:37)

Particularly I find the book's tag line '(Eternity)... Is Just A Step Across The Threshold' (though could be seen from a wearisome angle) to be rather apt.

At the same time, the tag line could also be construed as while 'final victory has already been won' yet 'earthly work remains aplenty and needs to be done'.

'Eternity' has my recommendation, especially to believers of YHWH. However I would also like to extend an invitation to non-believers to glance through the contents, to gain new perspectives and to acquire new insights.

Thank you Sister Christine and Brother Maxwell for the efforts.


B. Eternity: Is Just A Step Across The Threshold

Revealing accounts on heaven and hell, said by Valerie Caraotta

There are individuals like Christine Hillier that have obeyed the mandate from the Lord to write a book on the experiences she was allowed to Sovereignly have. With the aid of Author Maxwell Kobina Acquah they collectively have compiled this book to allow you to know that eternity comprises both heaven and hell.

With a near death experience in 1997 and a nightmare in 2005, it solidified for her, along with lined up Biblically the pearly gate and angel she would encounter and a later experience of seeing people in hell scream as they burned. God, it appears, could trust her to follow through to relay to others what you will find in this book. Hillier shares "I want the reader of my testimonies to see the greatness of YHWH (Jehovah)God's power and focus on Him only..."

You will gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the Holy Spirit and how He assists the Believer with several Scriptures. This book is a clarion call to make it right with God and take the time to win the lost for Christ. Scientifically it was proven, author Acquah shares, that a black hole in the earth exists. Learn how this relates to the soul/spirit in hell.

Regardless of your denomination or religious background, this will line you up with truth that can save your soul from eternal punishment. It will answer the following questions:

--Is there life after death?
--Will doing good and being good get me to heaven?
--Does hell really exist?
--Is it ok to pray to saints?
--How do I ensure I am saved and will go to heaven?

May this book guide and strengthen your walk in Christ. As you come to understand the realities of eternity may your heart and life be molded by Godly principles. The prayer of salvation at the end of the book is encouraging to those in need of Christ.

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C. Eternity: Is Just A Step Across The Threshold

Belief in Heaven and Hell, said by Gisela H. Sedlmayer " wonderful" (Australia)

Christine Hillier's amazing testimony about Heaven and hell, helped her to escape from depression and her near death experience and the nightmare made her a better and stronger believer.

The incredible warm embrace of our LORD JESUS she felt. I know all about it, having that experienced as well for 3 nights many years ago and how it was lifting me up after feeling down.

Then about the "Dark matter" or the "Dark Energy" or even "The GOD PARTICLE"

It is I, the Holy Spirit. Salvation, Blood of Jesus.

Amazing book.

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