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Book: Passion by Kevin Swarbrick

Book: Passion by Kevin Swarbrick

categories: Book, Non Fiction, Romance, Love, Passion, Affairs, Erotica, Destruction, Family, Lies, Friends, Hurt, Relationships


Kevin Swarbrick

Author Kevin Swarbrickabout this book: I'm in my 30's and was born in Salford, Manchester. I started writing just almost 3 years ago. In January 2012 self published Louie Has Landed 'The Early Days' and in February 2012 Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter' was born for others to enjoy the good times and the bad times which relationships can bring.

This series was a story told from the heart and I had no idea what I was getting into with the whole author business; all I knew that I had a story that was crying to come out of me, and it did!! I told my stories the way it was and who I was back then, I took the bull by the horns not worrying about critics and what other people would think of me. They where about me and the feelings I had at that time, but once I started writing I couldn't stop and my writing then became a passion and a gift that I never knew I had. I had authors praising me for my work and being able to hold a great story together that's very open and full of so much passion; they felt everything I wanted the reader to feel. It wasn't about grammar or what mistakes any critics would pick up on, it was my heart and being able to hold a great story together. This was a huge achievement of its own for me.

When I first started to write these stories, they were meant to be one full story, but unfortunately the heart just kept writing and by the time I had finished I had to make the story into two books because of the maximum word count that you was aloud to upload at the time. I had only gone over by 16.900 words, 'Oh dear' I then had to go back two the drawing board to make them into two great stories.

My main focus has been on the dialogue and keeping the story flowing at a much faster pace and getting everything as perfect as it should be. I have surprised myself with how far I have come and how much I have learnt and improved dramatically along the way.

How I became a writer is in my stories, and when the readers read that, they where impressed with the talent that was there. Yes the stories needed some TLC, but for me reliving it was hard enough to go back to, but I am delighted to say that I did take the bull by the horns again, and I now bring you the full story in one fantastic novel. Louie Has landed 'The Early Days' and Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter' has been reborn to bring you 'Passion' and anyone who reads it will see there is plenty of that in this fantastic story, but all in a good way of course.

The Four Whips, that are best known as Melissa Craig, Dionne Lister, Amber Norgarrd, and Charity Parkerson present Turkey Slap 2012.

Turkey Slap: The act of playfully slapping someone with an erect or semi-erect penis. Entries were collected for erotic short stories containing a 'Turkey Slap'and the best of those stories were added to this free book for our reader's pleasure. Please enjoy and then check out each author's. My short story won a place in this ebook, this gives my readers a taste of my fiction mind other than my none fiction mind.

My next projects are well on the way, one is ficton and the other is again none fiction. Escape is a great thing and that's what I do when I write, I feel writing my experiences and how I've dealt with them, may open a lot of reader's eyes as it has been doing.

My writing has led me to cross paths with some great people and I've made many great friends who I've learned a lot from. I'm always open to new inspiration and I can take constructive criticism. I've tried to expel the negative influences that dragged me down over the years and to always try to stay positive.

I enjoy going to the gym weight training, this always helps me to take my mind of things and concentrate on my body other than my writing and work.

It's amazing that people have connected to the realism and the truth behind my stories. My story is gritty, funny and real. I've tried to keep the dialogue as authentic and as truthful as possible.

I've learned so much from my journey and I hope to continue learning and being inspired by the friends I have and continue to make.

A little about the novel...

Mark is a fun, outgoing, loving, caring guy, and the highlight of any party, but his confidence was stripped away from him little by little, by exes over the years.

He hadn't set out to find love, but love found him. After all the heartache he had from his last experiences, you could say that he had found his angel that gave him the strength that he needed to change his life and to open him up to a new world.

He never had so much fun and laughed so hard in all of his life and was proud to call this angel, Sarah, his best friend, lover, and partner.

But Mark's life could never be that simple. He faced a continued battle to win the heart of the woman of his dreams, but it wasn't long before he found himself stuck in a love triangle that was far from a simple one.

Mark did find his true love, but with a deception you wouldn't think was possible. Relationships are always tricky, but there's tricky and unreal!

This story is both books, 'Louie Has Landed the early days' and Louie Has Landed 'The Second Encounter' rolled into one fantastic story, rewritten, and re-edited, to make this the perfect read for your enjoyment. Deliciously scandalous some would say. With great dialogue and fantastic characters, this is one story that will keep you entertained and up all night.

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