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Book: Wear Bright Colours For Me by Thea Hartley

Book Reviews: Wear Bright Colours For Me by Thea Hartley

categories: Book, Karma, Fantasy, History, Adventure, Past Lives, Romance, Soul Mates, Revenge, Karmic Journey, Family, Love, Reincarnation

Thea Hartley

Author Thea Hartleyabout this book: This is a very different book from my usual genre. In fact, it would be difficult to classify the genre it belongs to.

It is about love, revenge, adventure, the paranormal, crime, mystery, suspense and mysticism all tied up in one great volume.

This is a book about the process and 'rules' of reincarnation.

It follows the story of three main characters: the protagonists are a male and female, plus one major male antagonist...although others, with qualities of good or evil appear throughout the story, .these characters meet in life after life and play out the drams that fate, or karma has bequeathed them.

Amy and Luke ( in present day) are greatly attached to one another. This connection goes beyond friendship.

Are they soul mates? Have they been searching for each other through various lifetimes? Or are they merely falling in love?

The answers come from the past, where, at critical points in Amy and Luke's lives, we are taken back to a previous life and follow the events of that time. The book discovers why the two are separated and reveals a nemesis of theirs who cursed them many centuries ago and follows their karmic journeys.

The beauty of the plot is that it vies to and fro between contemporary times and each previous life at parallel life stages of the characters, In each life it shows the karmic tasks every person needs to resolve.

Finally, after all past lives are completed, the reader reaches present day.

What does fate have in store? Are Amy and Luke truly soul mates? What has each life taught them and their friends and relations who have appeared with them, in different guises, throughout each life?

This book makes you think about reincarnation and it's possibilities.

Have YOU lived before?

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 Time travel at its best ... the search for a soulmate

I have read a few books about reincarnation set in a fictional background and been very disappointed.

This book however, has ended that. It is an an exceptionally well woven tale which takes the reade on a journey through history and discovers the soul mates meetings in each incarnation...although they are doomed due to a curse put on them in Roman times.

You don't know if they will ever be together...and even when they appear to have no obstacles in the way, there is an unexpected twist!

I fully recommend this read. [by Pam Phillips]

 Absorbing, takes the reader on a unique journey through the centuries. WOW

I was enthralled by this book from the very first page of the prologue. It described a fight between two Roman slaves. The outcome of this contest, led in to the basic premise of the story ... reincarnation, karma and a curse.

Any and Luke are two children who meet in school and immediately make a connection. Their parents find this amusing, and at times strange. However we soon discover that these children have met in several previous lives, but at each time have been separated by fate.

The book eloquently takes you back to each previous life at critical times and links them to present day conflicts. This gives you the opportunity to compare the characters throughout.

It is such a well written book, that my own time stopped still as I read it. Hours went by before I realised how long I had been reading. I think there was 'time travelling' magic in its very pages.

This is truly one of the best books I have ever read and I recommend it with no hesitation. In fact, you will miss out if you do not read it! Excellent. [by Vic Evans]

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