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Book: Fast Road To Happiness by Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Book: Fast Road To Happiness by Dr. Marilou McIntyre

categories: Book, Space Travel, Time Travel, Regressions, Healing Phobias, Addictions, Create Future, Releasing Error, Self Control, Overcome Desease, Reverse Aging, Haunted Houses, Spirit Life, Happiness, Karma, Reincarnation


Dr. Marilou McIntyre

Author Dr. Marilou McIntyreabout this book: "Have I lived before?" and "Will I live again?" These questions are answered in this self-help book. Reincarnation may be the missing link psychologist and doctors have ignored in the healing process. For decades I had been looking for the reason why people are so unhappy, cruel to one another, and make such bad choices. The last thing I was interested in was past lives. I was having trouble coping with this life. After months of dreams about past lives I had to recognize they were the bases of the problem I had been seeking. It was like an Epiphany. I faced the fact we've lived before and all of our past lives and experiences form what we are today. We are the sum total of everyone we have ever been and everything we have ever done. Being aware of this gives us the opportunity to release past errors and find happiness now. It is an answer to prayer for me. That is when my ability to consciously regress people began.

Phobias, addictions and fears can be healed through regression and releasing origin of disorder. Anyone seeking to improve their life, future, heal, finances, relationships and gain health, wealth and happiness will benefit from this how-to book.

If people finally realize what life is really about, they will be in harmony with true-self and find bliss and happiness. Using experiences of others in conscious past-life regression can help wake people up to their true nature. That is the purpose of this book.

The cover shows how we try to hide our true self but finally we have to remove the mask. This is an attempt to make people aware it's time to come out from the dark. The steps making this possible to the sincere truth-seeker are within.

Compiling eventual regressions that resulted in verified healings through tapes and affidavits took considerable time. Recalling accurately the details and experiences involved in this kind of presentation and presenting them in a way that would be beneficial to anyone reading about it. Giving step-by-step details in how to cure all kinds of problems and create a happy future was painstaking but necessary. These conditions were the purpose of the book-to help.

I learned the importance of staying with a project until completed and the pleasure of helping others benefit through my experiences-making their way easier. Breaking through time/space barrier in conscious regressions is hard to describe, but I tried because it is the essence of growth.

Reincarnation is often the mystery of life and the missing link that explains things modern psychology and doctors cannot. As ones' consciousness grows every horizon is expanded and the concepts of time, truth, life, God, and love take on new meaning. Mysteries can be revealed and awareness of natural laws makes life more real. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear a wondrous universe awaits. For those who can release preconceived ideas in the light of proven truth, there is no limit to life or happiness. Create your future and be kind to one another.

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