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Book: Help Me To Live Right by Kenneth 'Moses' Mitchell

Book Reviews: Help Me To Live Right by Kenneth 'Moses' Mitchell

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Kenneth Moses Mitchell

about this book: This book is base on Loving one another regardless of their skin color, we talking minds and hearts of people. we want to teach reading can help you find yourselves. I was Inspired to write this book after a few visits to Heaven in the court yard, I have had so much happen in my life, where I don't have another choice it is what it was. I have set and talked with the holy spirit, I have been taken in the air, where I could see so much. This book took me six years and three months to complete, God told me in a visit that I am to call this book ( Help Me To Live Right ). I wanted the cover to reach those that think you must look a part to be the part, in other words " Never judge a book by its cover. its not how it look from the outside, but that which is on the inside that make a person. the most hardest part to writting is to know who the information come from, and I knew that the world would not understand this book until God give them the increase. I did reseach every second I thought something was wrong with the way I was doing God works here in the earth. I did not want anything wrong, I had many people read the book before I went toget it edit, i had many readers that said it was good, and some just couldn't get with the words, and my way of seeing things, they had their way , and i had God's way. I went to the Library many days, i stayed up many nites just writting and listening to the voice of the spirit of God. he said whenever you go to pick up a pin I will write for you, don't worry about what you will say, because its not you doing the movement, but I says the Lord. I Learned to always trust in the spirit of God at all times, I learn that we as a world got it wrong, we never lived by God rules here in the Earth, it always been Satan. Never give up on your dreams, always double check your work, get other people to see what you are doing, beleive in yourselves, trust in the small voice, don't be scared to move when no one else move. pray a lot talk to yourself in meditations every day, be open to move on real love.

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 Loving This God Sent Book

It's all said and done already. The book of Love. What will anyone do at this time. Think for just a minute... Now that we know that we should think, why not read a book that will help you? When I read this book I couldn't stop reading it, it brought joy to my darkness, I just couldn't stop reading a book that talked on helping us. I then found out that it wasn't just me feeling this way, but others just like me, by reading this book and really checking into the making of this book, I went online, I checked, I asked God what to do? Now I AM an awaken Angel. [by Josesph]

 Let's Build a Family for GOD

The Book "Help Me To Live Right" by Kenneth Moses Mitchel IS a Great tool for the restructuring of the Human Family into the GOD-Family! It IS my Strong opinion that this book IS Truly a Heaven-sent! Why? Because it has transformed my thinking as well as my way of relating to everyday people! I now see people as potentially BE-ing apart of my REAL Family in Christ Jesus! This book IS an Awesome 'Help' in providing a platform where WE will begin to see LOVE in ALL!

 can you add more clichés to the reviews?

Which of version of God are you referring to? The Catholic version? Methodist? Lutheran? Pentecostal? Baptist? Southern Baptist? Primitive Baptist? Anabaptist? Episcopalian? Church of Christ? There's several hundred more sects of Christianity... Or one of the 30-40 versions of the Jewish versions of God? Maybe one of the 70-80 versions of the Muslim God? I'm confused.

 Thank GOD for the return of CHRIST JESUS in the form of this Heaven-sent Book

I truly LOVE & enjoy the writer's perspective on a lot of issues & questions he addresses in this awesome book. It has broaden my understanding of the WORD of GOD immensely. In my humble opinion this book is bound to be a bestseller. [by Arch Angel Gabriel]

 How this book can help

People Love is all we need, Love is God, Lets be good to one another, Lets try to begin; Read the book that is helping us to Love one another, Get your copy today! [by Jesus Jehovah]


I have read this book and it has truly transformed my life for the better. I was once a violent and angry person because of all the negative people and influences that I was around, but I came to the knowledge of the indwelling spirit of God and my relationship with God became more personal and intimate, so as I studied I grew into the fullness of the knowledge of the stature of Christ Jesus! It says to, let this mind, that was in Christ Jesus be also in you! So who do you grow to become in His fullness? [by macio talbert]

 Get This Book People

I Love this book to the heart and mind, it deals with us as one body. When I read this book it knocks me off my feet. I had to regroup, I thought that I was losing my mind, how could someone understand me and my most hidden spots, how could this book make me feel the way it did? Now I want the world to feel this same feelings, I want the world to feel the love that this book brought to us as one body. We have testimonies after testimonies on how this book from heaven is the Bible for this here day and time. [by Kim]

 Help Me to Live Right

This book is a must read for yourself, do not trust anyone when it comes down to your life. Jesus is the name above every other name. Now Jesus Christ said to tell the world of this book, why should you, well it's the Bible from Heaven and you will know that God wants you to know of love. The world people need help to live right, so lets help them live right, evil is the only one mad. Evil in the people will rise up against you when it comes to you reading this book. Hell is trying to keep you from this book, it's the Bible for this here day and time. [by Kim Patton]

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