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Book: SAVING K-12 - What Happened to Our Public Schools? How Do We Fix Them? by Bruce Deitrick Price

Book: SAVING K-12 - What Happened to Our Public Schools? How Do We Fix Them? by Bruce Deitrick Price

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Bruce Deitrick Price

Author Bruce Deitrick Priceabout this book: Saving K 12 – What went wrong and what should we do about it?

Millions of Americans know their public schools are seriously flawed. The problems, however, are wrapped in jargon and disinformation. Discussing them intelligently is almost impossible. Typical citizens don't stand a chance against the hardline educrats in charge.

"Saving K-12" is a guide to understanding the failure and dysfunction in public schools. Everyone needs to understand the weird theories and methods found throughout our classrooms. Then progress becomes possible.

"Saving K-12" explains how public schools have created almost 50,000,000 functional illiterates. Similarly, public schools can't seem to teach basic arithmetic? From New Math to Common Core Math, many American students cry over their homework and never master even the basics.

As for facts and knowledge generally, most public schools preach Constructivism, which prohibits teachers from teaching, and dictates that students must figure out everything for themselves. This rarely happens. That's why many students reach college not knowing who won the Civil War or where Alaska is.

"Saving K-12" is not a book about airy theorizing. It's a book about practical remedies for empirical problems that everyone knows are pulling the country down. The book shows how to deconstruct the bad ideas so we can eliminate them. Then we bring back the proven traditional ideas (for example, phonics) that always worked. Mix these with all the new digital tools and we will have a renaissance.

Bruce Deitrick Price is probably the country's most prolific and aggressive writer on K-12. He takes pride in explaining even complex issues simply and emphatically.


• "Bruce Price's SAVING K-12 is a MUST read. Precise, concise and powerful.
Action is required…for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and the future of
the American Republic!" — Robert W. Sweet, Jr., President of The National Right to Read Foundation (NRRF)

• "There is nothing more important than your child's education, and no one has a better grasp on what is happening in the schools of the current day than columnist/author Bruce Price." — Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press


NB: I have same picture all over the Internet. See LinkedIn.
Available in e-book, paper, and hardcover.
This book has been out 12 months and will be around for years.
For some reason the e-book jumped up to #5 over Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of people know my name because I've published hundreds of articles about education.

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